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Watermelon Capital Speedway Season Opener Report


Great night last night here at Crisp Motorsports Park! Join us in congratulating our winners from last night(Saturday April 11th).
Economy Karts:Dawn Brackett - Perry Ga.
Flathead/Stock Appearing Karts:Karston Thomas - Phenix City,Al.
Enduro:John Burke - Cordele, Ga.
Outlaw Latemodel: Stuart Dutton - Tallahassee, Fll.
Next Race: Saturday April 25th!

Here at Watermelon Capital Speedway, we had a great Season Opener!! Lots of good racing, fans had a good time. Our concessions went well, Eddie and the girls have picked out some great items that are tasty and filling. We've added in Snow Cones for the season, and may be one of the only places in Crisp County that offers these. Also, in addition to "twelve and under get in free", we're also giving them a coupon at the gate for a free full size $2 Snow Cone. Let them little ones enjoy the up close feel of racing cars, their noise and excitement. Another thing they really enjoy are the go kart classes, so plan a nite to come spend at the Melon. Good food, excitement, you really can have a reasonable night of fun at Crisp Motorsports Park. Keep an eye out as we add even more events on the off racing weekends! 2 Weeks and we will do it again. Mr Lyle, commented in a meeting with owners and others when considering buying the property, "that he had kids, grandkids, many friends with the same, that there needed to be more to do for them around here, to enjoy life without driving miles to do it" Last nite was the "tale of the tape" as we watched several young families there with little ones, who would dance on the dance of the grassy strip while the music played, then rush back to their seats when the next class started, wave their arms and cheer as the cars went by. Compare that in both atmosphere and price with other entertainment options, and we have a lot to offer. As the summer progresses, even more events will be added to our calendar. 

We have had a few inquiries about our cooler policy of none. This is strictly business, yet is about convenience also. CMP is now an alcohol vendor, is insured as such, and now carries an inherent liability for such. Our pricing and policy reflects being able to enjoy a beverage or food item of choice, without having to ice up and drag a cooler nor grill up into our stands.  You then still must return home, so we want an adventure to CMP to be a fun and safe experience for all. As dispenser, CMP can remedy problems if a patron is becoming unruly, but the same control isn't there with alcohol scattered throughout in coolers. Please appreciate where we are headed with this, as a venue for all ages, this is something we must do, to both maintain decor and prevent problems occuring that might affecct our alcohol liscense. As we just went thru the process of registering all of this with the state, we can assure you, we will not tolerate behavior at CMP that affects this liscense!! CMP is committed to becoming one of your most easily accessed, fun and entertaining venues in south Georgia, keep us in mind when you plan a family night out. 

We seemed to have a small incidence of badgering last night, some of our track personnell caught pieces but didnt know what was going on. Irrespective of that, Mr Lyle, by trade and training is an engineer. He has raced dirt in his younger days, and later asphalt here at Watermelon Capital Speedway. As he drove WCS, he realized in asphalt, the one thing that remained constant, was the track. If it is good, it stays good, and if it is bad, it stays bad. There are stories about how much time and care late contractor Randy Folsom spent when his company was paving this track. They improved the banking, and the pavement is still the original surface, the only significant marr is where a car caught fire one night and was a challenge to put out. Lyle said he then began to realize, how hard it used to be trying to set up a car. as the dirt track changed, so did the handling, and adjustments followed suit. Yet on the asphalt, other than heat diffrentials, carried a lot less varibles. We're not out here playing "King of the Hill", where you win by knocking everyone else back down by force. There is plenty of room on this track to race by performance of the machine and driver, not tagging folks into the wall because because they have their act together. We can share ideas, comraderie, and fellowship while having a good time, in proper competition we all learn, grow, and raise the bar. At the end of the day, we've had fun, hopefully our cars aren't torn up, and we can come back and do it again. The other way, everybodies pissed off, the cars are wrecked, and you cant wait to get back and ram each other again......counter-productive. Now folks, that's coming from an engineer who has worked for himself, as well as major car companies, and it simply makes sense. So if we have someone needlessly badgering another, someone who just simply "don't play well with others", they will simply not be tolerated. Too much time and investment has been done by the new owner, for it to be negatively impacted by such.  Again, we want to be your "go to venue" in south Ga, and will work to keep your business. 

We had a crew come down and work on their car during the week, and they said how enjoyable it was to keep isolating and correcting problems as they went, the asphalt infield was a charm to work on, nice and clean, no jack sinking in the dirt and creeper rolled good. If there wasn't enough height, hey, the floor was clean!!. I think they even put up a pop up tent for shade. Most racers have a "special place" they like on the infield, as we proceed, we may issue our supportive, and surely what turn out to be our exclusive drivers, a spot if we can all agree not to get all geeked up about it. Most crews are drifting back to that familiar spot, where their rig fits, they like to be, and we as always, appreciate who comes. If interested in this, let me know so we can begin placing in our mind to work it out. We simply want to be "your" track!! We now have WI-Fi that is covering most of the park, just another option and creature comfort that our patrons can enjoy. As our beach area opens soon, those support crew of wives and children can enjoy some sunny afternoon weather, while the boys toil on the asphalt getting them cars ready...

Our nature area off the pit parking is coming along nicely, we will soon be able to offer room to ride trail carts and enjoy the afternoon also. That may not sound like much, but if you live in the city, it means a lot more. Trail ride property offers you a place, not on a road to violate laws, not on someone's private property where you aren't permitted, but a place where you can just ride along and ejoy something besides buildings and traffic. As always, we will expect decor in this area also. All riding is slow pace and respectful. A lot of time younger kids are in the parents front and getting the feel of guiding the machine, with the saftey of them right there take over if needed. So we appreciate everyone respecting each other when we get this going soon. 

In closing, I'd just like to say we appreciate everyone coming out for our first official race of the season. It was a fun night, even with the rainey weekend, the Good Lord gave us an enjoyable evening of sunshine, pollen washed away, temp was perfect, had a nice time. The racing was good, and we're looking for a bigger crowd in two weeks. Ya'll come now!!

Eddie MacDonald

Crisp Motorsports Park


385 Farmers Market Rd.

Cordele, Georgia 31015

Home of The Watermelon Capital Speedway


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