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2018 RACE TRACK PREVIEW: Kickapoo Speedway Adds Aluminum Bleachers, Scrapper Class and Mini-Wedges For Kid Racing


2018 Track Preview:  Kickapoo Speedway in Oakwood, IL

In 2018, Kickapoo Speedway will kick off it's 2nd full year of operation by the Daugherty family after having taken over the former Vermillion County Speedway in late 2016.  Racing will continue on Saturday nights while the family balances it's schedule with their other track, Daugherty Speedway, that hosts racing on Friday nights just an hour to the east.  With a full year under their belt at Kickapoo, they've worked hard to get the surface 'just right' so that great racing can be enjoyed from the new all aluminum bleachers. 


5 Various Dates Midget Racing
June 2 AMS Modifieds with $2,000 to win
June 30 MSCS Non-wing Sprint Cars


Additional race dates include many more race weekends from April through September.  Click Here for the full schedule


At Kickapoo Speedway, while some improvements have focused on the physical (new ALL ALUMINUM bleachers) and technological (new communications and security cameras), the biggest improvements focus on creating MORE RACING opportunities for more racers, including both a 'Scrapper' class and a 'Mini-Wedge' class for children from 5-14 to get their first racing experiences.  As explained by the track's promoter, Michael Daugherty, "The price point is set low enough that it's affordable and replacement engines are just $99". 


General Manaager Kim Daugherty
Promoter Michael Daugherty
Race Director Wendy Maxson
Media / Public Relations Michael Daugherty


Race fans with questions should address them to Michael Daugherty via email at

Additional track information is available at the track profile by clicking here

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