What is RacingIn.com?

RacingIn.com really is really 2 separate things... 

FIRST, it's a resource to connect race fans with race tracks across the United States.  It's a place to find tracks, connect with those tracks, and ultimately connect with the grassroots of racing wherever they live or wherever they might be traveling.

As of November 1st, 2015, over the past 12 months, RacingIn.com has connected over 1 MILLION race fans with information about grassroots racing, serving up over 3 million pags of racing related information.

SECOND, RacingIn.com is a 100% FREE PROMOTIONAL TOOL for every race track in the United States.  Each track profile can be 'activated' by it's respective promoters, owners, and/or marketers so that they can make sure that the profile is as complete as possible including pictures, basic contact information and race dates.

How is RacingIn.com different from other Motorsports Websites?

RacingIn.com is different because of it's true focus on the grassroots of motorsports.  While most major motorsports sites exist to communicate the 'Big Series' info about the upper echelons of racing, RacingIn.com is the only tool that allows EVERY RACE TRACK and EVERY RACER to promote themselves to a massive audience that is hungry for it's product. 

How much advertising will there be on RacingIn.com?

Advertising... it's a reality of the internet and honestly, it's how we are able to keep the site alive so that we can offer the promotional services it offers FOR FREE to every track and every racer who might want to use the site to promote themselves.

Ultimately, if you're interested in racing, then the ads will simply be entertaining background... who knows, since many are racing specific, maybe you'll find something you want or need!

OR.. maybe you're a business who wants your product or service advertised to the over 1 million race fans who use the site annually.  In that case, just click Here if you have more questions about advertising on RacingIn.com.

Are there membership fees?

Absolutely NOT!

For fans, it's FREE to establish your own Racing Space at RacingIn.com... CLICK HERE to start now!

For Racers... Your 'Racing Pages are totally free as well!  You can update them anytime you'd like and there are currently no limits on the amount of content you post.  CLICK HERE for more information on Racer Pages.

For Tracks... Activating your Track Profile is 100% free as well.  If you choose to do so, then you control the information posted as part of your track profile that can be accessed by the 1 million fans who use the site annually to find grassroots racing.  To ACTIVATE your profile, just click here to find your track in our Track Directory.  Once you do, look under 'Seating Capacity' for a link that tells you to 'click here to activate'.  If that link isn't there, or, if you can't find your track in our directory, just click here to tell us about it and we'll be in touch within 48 hours.

What can I post on my profile pages?

RacingIn.com believes in the Freedom of Speech and we hope you do too, so what you post is really up to you. We’ve provided space for you to tell people about yourself.  There’s also an image gallery where you can post pictures with captions and you can also link to your personal website if you have one.  

Of course, your content can’t be offensive in anyway or infringe on the rights of someone else who might own the rights to what you’re posting. If you were to cross that line, we may ask you to remove something or we may get asked by that person or place to remove it, but we’ll always make sure we tell you if that comes up.  We cover these things in our Terms of Service as well.

How can I update my profile and change the information on my Profile Page?

You can change the information in your profile anytime you want.  As long as you're logged in, just click on the tabs in the 'Member's Section' to take you to different parts of your portfolio.