What is RacingIn.com?

RacingIn.com really has one main purpose in it’s life and that is to create an online community of racing fans, racers, and race tracks.

RacingIn.com gives FANS their own 'Racing Space' for FREE...

RacingIn.com helps local racers establish themselves OnLine in a way that make them look as good as those 'Sunday Superstars'.

RacingIn.com is about YOU… whatever kind of racing YOU like, whatever tracks YOU race at, and whatever type of motorized vehicle YOU choose to race.

At RacingIn.com, all fans, all drivers, and all tracks are equal from the start, joined by their common passion for going fast!

How is RacingIn.com different from other Motorsports Websites?

RacingIn.com is different because it is designed with a focus on Fans and Racers from all areas of motorsports.  It is a site that will grow from the desires of FANS, not sponsors. We’re VERY different from many major motorsports sites in that regard because the driving force behind this site will not be how sponsors want to bombard you with messages, but how FANS and RACERS can use it to enjoy their favorite form of racing even more and spread their passions for their favorite sport, racer, track, etc...

RacingIn.com is all about INTERACTION between the fans and drivers who love racing wherever it happens and no matter how many people are there to watch!

How much advertising will there be on RacingIn.com?

Like we said earlier, our goal is to make sure YOUR experience at RacingIn.com comes first.  It is our goal to keep RacingIn.com as ‘clutter-free’ as possible. That’s a media term for not bombarding you with too much stuff you don’t care about.

We will not allow ads that will keep your ‘pop-up blocker’ working overtime and we will also do everything possible to make sure that any ads you see are relevant to your passion for racing!

Click Here if you have more questions about advertising on RacingIn.com.

Are there membership fees?

Absolutely NOT!

For fans... it's FREE to establish your own Racing Space at RacingIn.com... CLICK HERE to start now!

For Racers... Your 'Racing Pages are totally free as well!  You can update them anytime you'd like and there are currently no limits on the amount of content you post.  CLICK HERE for more information on Racer Pages.

For Tracks... Activating your Track Profile is 100% free as well.  You control the information posted as part of your track profile.

What can I post on my profile pages?

RacingIn.com believes in the Freedom of Speech and we hope you do too, so what you post is really up to you. We’ve provided space for you to tell people about yourself.  The discussions that you start in the forums also show up on your Profile Page. There’s also an image gallery where you can post pictures with captions and you can also link to your personal website if you have one.  

Of course, your content can’t be offensive in anyway or infringe on the rights of someone else who might own the rights to what you’re posting. If you were to cross that line, we may ask you to remove something or we may get asked by that person or place to remove it, but we’ll always make sure we tell you if that comes up.  We cover these things in our Terms of Service as well.

How can I update my profile and change the information on my Profile Page?

You can change the information in your profile anytime you want.  As long as you're logged in, just click on the tabs in the 'Member's Section' to take you to different parts of your portfolio.

Do you share my personal information with anyone after I have registered?

No.. and here's why! 

Have you ever signed up for a website and didn't realize that the box that said something like "I'm OK with receiving information from your business partners" was automatically checked?  SO HAVE WE... AND WE DIDN'T LIKE IT ONE BIT when we started getting emails from companies we'd never heard of and didn't care about.

When you join, your information is staying with us and we're not even going to ask if we can share it with anyone because we believe that decision should be up to you.  If advertisers feel like they want to communicate with Fans of Fast, Drivers, or Tracks, then they have the opportunity to do that through RacingIn.com by buying some of the limited advertisements on our pages or within our periodic newsletters.  Beyond that, they're going to have to go somewhere else to 'buy a list' to send their mailings to.

For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy by CLICKING HERE

Can I send personal messages to other RacingIn.com members?

Absolutely! And we HOPE that you meet lots of Fans and Racers that you end up having great conversations with! 

Every member, whatever their level, has a personal 'Inbox' through the RacingIn Forums (click here to go there).   If you click on 'Click Here to send a personal message' on someone's profile, you'll get a message screen to fill in and when you click 'Send', the message goes to their Inbox.

How do I retrieve personal messages that others have sent to me?

That's simple, just CLICK HERE to go to the Forum pages and if you're logged in, you'll see the word 'InBox'.  Click it and check your messages.