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The Top 50 Tracks of The Summer of 2014: A Ranking of Grassroots Tracks Across the United States

(9/28/2014) Acknowledges it's Top 50 Most Popular Grassroots Race Tracks Across the United States

From Memorial Day thru Labor Day, grassroots racing thrives all across the United States.  While big, well known tracks like Knoxville and Eldora truly are great tracks that grew from nothing and are never far from the minds of fans across the nation, the grassroots of racing truly grow from seeds sown by family, friends, and neighbors at more than 1,300 other local tracks across the nation.  Whether it's a local drag strip with weekly test-and-tunes or a long-living oval in the middle of a small town, these are the tracks that people seem to find when they're traveling or when they search for 'that track someone told me about'. 

Having served up local track information to visitors who viewed individual race track profiles nearly 1 million times in the past year,'s Top 50 Ranking provides recognition to the tracks whose profiles were viewed the most times from Memorial Day through Labor Day of 2014.  The profiles of these 50 race tracks cumulatively experienced over 120% more interaction this summer versus the summer of 2013.  "As continues to experience significant growth in the number of race fans looking for grassroots racing, the promoters and entire staffs of these 50 tracks deserve special recognition" said Scott Kosak, the founder of, continuing, "They've obviously done the right things, typically with very few financial resources, to spread the word about their local tracks."

As you scroll through the Top 50 tracks, you can connect with the track through their profile page simply by clicking on the track name.  In addition, you can click on the state of each track and see all the race tracks in that state plotted along the highways and byways.

# Track Description City, State
1 311 Speedway Madison, NC 1/2 mile clay oval
2 Muskingum County Spdwy Zanesville, OH 3/8 mile clay oval
3 710 Dragstrip Rowland, NC 1/8 mile drag strip
4 Williston Basin Speedway Williston, ND 1/3 mile clay oval
5 Toccoa Speedway Toccoa, GA 5/16 mile clay oval
6 Hudson Speedway Hudson, NH 1/4 mile asphalt oval
7 Quaker City Motorsports Park Salem, OH 1/4 mile drag strip
8 Leesville 171 Speedway Leesville, LA 1/4 mile clay oval
9 Brewer's Speedway Rocky Mount, NC 1/8 mile drag strip
10 Breakaway Dragway Panama City, FL 1/8 mile drag strip


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(Got Questions? Click here for the 'Beyond the Rankings' story with more information about the selection process!)

As you can see, race fans aren't just looking for ovals either!  The even representation between ovals and drag strips is a pattern that was similar to the Top 10 Tracks of The Summer of 2013.  Each of the above tracks will receive a commemorative plaque from identifying them as one of's Top 10 Tracks of the Summer of 2014.

Moving on to the next 10 tracks, we see more representation from a variety of local tracks all across the country.  Keep in mind, the ranking is not your normal ranking.  This ranking is truly all about 'GRASSROOTS' tracks, ones that many times lack the resources for heavy advertising and online promotion.  These are tracks that pull themselves up by their bootstraps every week.  They are fueled by the passion and sweat of armies of passionate volunteers who do it for their love of racing and who know how much of an important role their local track plays in their local community.

# Track Description City, State
11 Hesston Speedway Hesston, PA 1/2 mile clay oval
12 Thornhill Dragstrip Morning View, KY 1/8 mile drag strip
13 Southern Raceway Milton, FL 3/8 mile dirt oval
14 Northwest Florida Speedway Baker, FL 1/4 mile dirt oval
15 Cherokee Raceway Park Rogersville, TN 1/8 mile drag strip
16 Thompson Raceway Park Thompson, OH 1/4 mile drag strip
17 Thunder Road Raceway Park Gillam, LA 1/4 mile drag strip
18 411 Dragway Knoxville, TN 1/8 mile drag strip
19 Big Diamond Speedway Minersville, PA 3/8 mile clay oval
20 Crystal Motor Speedway Crystal, MI

3/8 mile clay oval


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(Got Questions? Click here for the 'Beyond the Rankings' story with more information about the selection process!)

Well, there's the Top 20 Tracks at from the Summer of 2014.  What?  You can't believe it?  Your track is missing and you KNOW it's incredibly popular?  No doubt about it, there are some big names missing there.  But as we mentioned earlier, the top 50 is not your normal ranking.  This ranking is VERY unique, as explained further by the founder, Scott Kosak.

"In connecting race fans with grass roots racing, we know that there are tracks with really deep pockets that can afford their own promotion.  They are great tracks.  They attract huge events and tend to have paid staff taking care of media, marketing, their website, and a lot more," explained Kosak. " is truly focused on the grassroots though, helping race fans across the nation find those tracks that live, breathe, and survive thanks to the passion of the racers and volunteers that give their track a great reputation.  They may not have the budgets to do the things that nationally exposed tracks do, but one race fan at a time, is feeding the grass roots of racing, one track at a time."

And now, on to the rest of the list!

# Track Description City, State
21 Orange County Fair Spdwy Middletown, NY 5/8 mile dirt oval
22 Cleveland Speedway Cleveland, TN 1/3 mile dirt oval
23 US 43 Dragway Ethridge, TN 1/8 mile drag strip
24 Bronco Raceway Park Cleveland, TX 1/4 mile clay oval
25 411 Motor Speedway Seymour, TN 3/8 mile dirt oval
26 Bemidji Speedway Bemidji, MN 1/4 mile clay oval
27 Beckley Motor Speedway Beckley, WV 3/8 mile clay oval
28 Thunder Hill Raceway Summertown, TN 1/4 mile clay oval


Headhunters Dragway  Eatonton, GA  1/8 mile drag strip
30 Bithlo Motorsports Park Orlando, FL MotoCross Track
31 DeSoto Speedway Bradenton, FL 3/8 mile asphalt oval
32 Daugherty Speedway Boswell, IN 3/8 mile clay oval
33 Canandaigua Motorsports Park Canandaigua, NY 1/2 mile dirt oval
34 Boothill Speedway Greenwood, LA 1/4 mile clay oval
35 81 Speedway Park City, KS 3/8 mile dirt oval
36 Lanier Nat'l Spdwy/Raceplex Braselton, GA 3/8 mile asphalt oval
37 Piedmont Dragway Greensboro, NC 1/8 mile drag strip
38 Oglethorpe Speedway Pooler, GA 1/2 mile clay oval
39 Thunder Valley Mudplex Neeses, SC MudBog Complex
40 Middle Tennessee Dragway Buffalo Valley, TN 1/8 mile drag strip
41 Kinross Speedpark Kinross, MI 1/4 mile asphalt oval
42 Tomah Sparta Raceway Tomah, WI 3/8 mile asphalt oval
43 Georgetown Speedway Georgetown, DE 1/2 mile clay oval
44 Eldora Speedway New Weston, OH 1/2 mile clay oval
45 Brown County Dragway Bean Blossom, IN 1/8 mile drag strip
46 Edgewater Motorsports Park Cleves, OH 1/4 mile drag strip
47 Newport Speedway Newport, TN 4/10 mile asphalt oval
48 GALOT Motorsports Park Dunn, NC 1/8 mile drag strip
49 Plumerville Super Speedway Plumerville, AR 1/4 mile dirt oval
50 441 Speedway Rentz, GA 3/8 mile dirt oval


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And there you have it, the Top 50 most viewed race track profiles at between Memorial Day and Labor Day of 2014.  Is YOUR track missing?  If it is, that doesn't mean it's not popular or gaining more interest.

Take for instance Dacotah Speedway in Mandan, North Dakota.  Even though it's located in an area of the country that's less populated, given effective promotion by it's staff, it's profile was viewed over 320% more times in 2014 than in 2013.  With every view of every track profile potentially signifying one more fan who might experience a track they've never been to before, local tracks across the United States are certainly continuing to draw more and more interest as is evidenced at

"While we are happy to acknowledge all of the top 50 tracks, we are truly proud to continue to help deliver more exposure for every race track across the United States," summarized Kosak, continuing, "Ultimately, during racing season, engages tens of thousands of race fans every week who are simply looking for great racing where they live or where they may be travelling.  As we look forward to connecting well over 1 million Fans of Fast with great racing in 2015, we love the fact that we're helping to raise the tide around grassroots racing as a whole with each track able to benefit as the tide continues to come in"

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