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The Top 10 Race Tracks of the Summer of 2013


As the Summer of Racing played out across the United States in 2013, Fans of Fast sought out great racing of all forms to enjoy with their friends and families.  With more than 1,400 individual race tracks listed in the Track Directory and placed on our State Track Maps for people to find, individual track profiles were viewed over 325,000 different times between Memorial Day and Labor Day of 2013 and is proud to recognize all of them, but in particular, these 'In Demand' race tracks as...


(Click on any logo to see the tracks profile... Scroll down for The Stories Behind The Standings!)

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#1:  Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI

#2:  Quaker City Motorsports Park in Salem, OH

#3:  Atmore Dragway in Atmore, AL

#4:  Big Diamond Speedway in Minersville, PA

#5:  West Siloam Speedway in West Siloam Springs, OK

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#6:  Phenix Dragstrip in Phenix City, AL

#7:  US43 Dragway in Ethridge, TN

#8:  Modoc Raceway in Modoc, SC

#9:  Princeton Speedway in Princeton, WV

#10:  Leesville 171 Speedway in Leesville, LA

The Stories Behind The Standings

Just like there are always stories behind the standings at every race track, the same is true of the Top 10 Tracks of the Summer of 2013.  Here's a few of them that stand out:

Drag Strips and Ovals... Guess Who Wins?!  Even though Oval tracks outpace Drag Strips by a count of nearly Three to One in the Track Directory, drag strips made up 5 of the top 10 most viewed tracks!  These Top 5 Drag Strips were also incredibly popular generating more than 30% MORE PROFILE VIEWS than the Top 5 Oval Tracks that make up the rest of the top 10.

ReOpening a Closed Track Can Pay Off!  In the cases of West Siloam Speedway and Princeton Speedway, both are tracks where racing made a come back in 2013.  BOTH tracks each already have more than 3,000 fans on their individual Facebook pages and seem to be doing something right!  Anytime a track comes back to life, that's a good thing and we wish them nothing but ongoing success!

Dirt is where it's at, but Asphalt is still in demand!  With the total number of dirt or clay tracks far exceeding those of paved ovals in the directory, it's no wonder that dirt or clay tracks make up the top of the standings, but kudos must also be given to Barberton Raceway Park in Ohio, New Smyrna Speedway in Florida and Midvale Speedway in Ohio for being the top 3 paved tracks in the summer of 2013.

Great Racing is Being Sought EVERYWHERE!  With more than 276,000 different visits during the Summer of 2013, Fans of Fast from more than 150 different countries viewed 1,400 different race track profiles a total of 328,312 times as part of more than 800,000 different page views of racing information viewed in less than 4 months.

The Benefit to Local Racing

Ultimately, was started to provide extra exposure for the 1,400+ local race tracks across the United States and it continues to exist as a TOTALLY FREE RESOURCE to not just Fans of Fast, but to ANY race track promoter in the United States to post their race dates to get noticed by the fans who use the site.  (If you're a promoter, marketer or owner, just CLICK HERE to learn more)

Bookmark and Share also serves racers as well by providing 100% FREE 'Racing Pages' where racers can promote themselves, their sponsors, and post their schedule and results as well as links to their websites and Facebook pages to connect with more fans.  To meet some of the over 2,500 racers who are already involved, CLICK HERE... and stay tuned for our Top 10 Racers of 2013 article coming before Christmas!

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