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Dacotah Speedway Takes a Break


Just so you all don't think we have washed away in all this rain, never fear! We are still here and kicking, just on our annual 4th of July Rodeo break. Now I got a lot of you scratching your heads... what does rodeo and car racing have to do with one another. Well back in 1989 while our track was in the concept and planning stages, the Mandan Rodeo club was looking for a new venue. The idea popped into the heads of the planners and a multi use facility was designed. If you see some of our pictures on here you will notice the grand stands and front straight away are fairly far away from eachother. That is so every 4th of July enough room is there to build a rodeo grounds.  This also creates plenty of room for our upcoming monster truck show, and the demo derby's we host each year. This just shows that Dacotah Speedway is unique and one heck of a place to come watch racing, or monster trucks, or the destruction of demo derbies, or even a rodeo. We will have an update on here right after our night of the Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Modified Tour which is July 10th.

Have a safe 4th of July!

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