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Track officials training a succes


By: John Gartner Sr.

On April 5th, six tracks and 59 track officials did something that has never been done before as a group. All were trained in their various positions by veterans of the sport using some of the latest technology available for racing.

BMSCA President Charlie Erickson teamed up with Joanne of Jamestown Speedway to train scoring officials on how to use the tracks AMB My Laps transponders as well as Speed Net scoring and line-ups.

John Gartner Sr. worked with a large group going over racing terminology, making consistent-fair calls and XSAN's "You Make the Call" video in which calls were scrutinized by the entire group to make the best decision. Two drivers told the group what it is they are looking for to make the playing field level, and their experience at the tracks more enjoyable. Jay Simes told the group about his perspective as a life long racing fan so that the group heard what a real fan is looking for in a racing program.

The group also shared information with each other about registering drivers and the importance of greeting our customers with a smile while getting them through the process quickly and efficiently.

The last part of the training was an open forum discussion on where we should go in the future as a group. They discussed having like procedures and rules at some point in the future and they shared ideas on how we could enforce penalties to protect racing in the whole state.

One thing the whole group agreed on was that this training was a positive way to help us all, and that it should be done again next year while opening it up to tech and safety officials as well.

Thanks to everyone who helped and the officials that came from long distances to serve the fan and driver with a better product.

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