Race Fans, Competitors & Staff:

After all the racers and the fans left, & after the cleanup, I would just like to say how sincerelly
thankful I am for the way everyone performed this weekend. Thanks to World of Outlaws crew, the 40 super late models, the Florida Mini-Sprint Association, the 40 local late models that put on such a great show despite allbthe rumors. Special thanks to Rick Eshelman for all his hard work over the winter, thanks to Mouth of the South (HM) for having Ozzie Altman stop in on his way to Florida & add to the show. Best infield a pitcher can have. Thanks to Betty Jean Kirkland for that National Anthem presentation.

We have the flood-like rain on Thursday and the crew had to work very, very hard to get the grounds & both tracks ready for all the parking & racing. Despite all that, we had a great weekend of hospitality, fellowship & racing. You race fans came by the drivers & made it what it was, records were broken all around .

Yes, we had a rocky start 3 three years ago with the sleet, & we had a great show with -13 wind chill last year, while honoring all the rain stubs, with the help of all the fans, we managed to pull off a great weekend last year.

We have worked & spent hard to bring the best shows we could produce. We have learned things & implemented ideas such as the over the top parking & one-way pit traffic to have a smooth, seamless, delay free program.

Sooner than later this year, we will have the new real-time scoring pylon working and with the help of our super strong website, www.ScrevenMotorSportsComplex.com, ( 30,000 HITS SAT NIGHT) We hope to have our own pay-for view coverage of as many as 4 or even 5 nights of racing, enabling us to present the top 3 classes of dirt cars, as well as a local series for the Georgia regional fans, more parking & camping, and a stronger public address system, and I also plan to drag the grandstands back & up, and to have a new control tower in place, quite possibly on the backstretch.

I feel Winter Freeze has carved it`s own niche, it has grown to be 'A Happening', way past just a racing event. It is a live, breathing thing.

With some tweaking for the drivers, teams & fans we will present it AGAIN in 2014,


MORE of the SAME FOOD (plus a few additions)



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Ray Cook Southern Nationals July 20 .
And show up HONGRY !