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Reminded Rules for This Weekends NCRA vs NCRA Sprint Car Bandits Event!
Park City, Kansas – May 22, 2018 - Officials with the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products want to remind all sprint car drivers of the blended rules for this Saturday and Sunday night’s NCRA vs. NCRA Sprint Car Bandits challenge event at 81 Speedway. These are the same rules that were in effect at the last combined event back on April 28 at Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore.
No tire bleeders; 1,500# weight rule and manual wing slider. Right rear tire Hoosier 105 ASCS medium or 104 RaceSaver. On left rear, Hoosier 92 stamped tire size. Must be RaceSaver/RD12 or harder. Tire grooving/siping is okay and there is no front tire rule. No top wing angle rule in effect for this event while mufflers are optional. Teams can choose dzus or bolted wheel covers. Must run same tires in the feature that were run in the heat race and please note, this rule may be adjusted if an extreme tire wear issue develops (which is a standard SBC rule as it is).
Any further questions regarding these or any other rules for this event, please call NCRA president C Ray Hall (316) 755-1781 or SCB president Steve Lang 469-474-8234. More information on NCRA can be found on their official website while all-things Sprint Car Bandits can be found at
Both events pay the standard NCRA purse; $2000 to win, $300 to start while all non-starters and non-qualifiers will receive $100. 
There is a $15 due at time of draw.
Gates open at 5:00 PM while race action will begin at 7:00 PM. These events will be a part of the tracks “Prelude to Sprint Maynia” that takes place on Saturday night (May 26) and “Sprint Car Maynia II” on Sunday night, May 27. Saturday night’s show will see the Oklahoma-based Oil Capital Racing Series two-barrel sprints and the Kansas-based United Rebel Sprint Series 305-ci sprinters also on the race card.
81 Speedway is located at 7700 N. Broadway in Park City, KS 67219 (which is a northern suburb of Wichita). The track phone number is 316-755-1781. for the track website and all details, such as ticket pricing and start times.

This article posted by 81 Speedway. Click here for more track information.