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With the recent passing this summer of Eddy Borecky, of Hutchinson, Ks, 81 Speedway will recognize "Fast Eddy" Saturday night during the NCRA Sprint Car, NCRA Modified, NCRA Late Model and NCRA Mod Lite Labor Day weekend classic.

"Fast Eddy" never met a person he didn't like.  He loved racing, and took time to teach his grandson, Kobey, the sport, and led him to become the 4th generation of Borecky racers.

Eddy's pasion for racing was only matched by his love to cook and smoke meats for family and friends.  Every weekend the smoker behind the families used car lot in Hutchinson, Ks. would fill the area with the smell of some of Eddy's smoked meats.

Driver of the number 42 stock car / late model, many race fans will remember his domination of the stock car division at his home track of Hutchinson Raceway Park.  From his latest design to the Baby Blue Corvette body style he raced for a number of years, Eddy remains among the top elite at the speedway in number of wins.

To say all of Eddy's wins came under the classification of the rules would be like saying he never tried to win.  Eddy expected to win everytime he got into his race car!  If the rules had a "Gray Area" that could benefit the race cars performance, the team had the resources to find the pieces.  The end result would be either approval or disqualification.  Either way it wouldn't dampen Eddy's love and excitement for the sport.  He was back to "T" it up when the next opportunity would come around.

Never afraid of a confrontation, and the excuse of having a self proclaimed "Lack of depth perception," track official were well aware of the area of the infield where the number 42 was pitted, and would remain on guard at the end of each race program to make an emergency run should something arise from an on the track incident.

There are so many other sides to Eddy that his close friends know, but for here, a sampling would not do any justice.

The summation of "Fast Eddy" is that he love life, family, friends, a good hustle, competition, and always lived for the moment in time he was presently in.

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