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Super Stock Triple Threat Results from Tri State Speedway: Dylan Davlin and Robby Arnold Combine for 3 Wins


By: Rob Nugent, Track Announcer/Social Media/PR
Photo Credit: Ross Fujibayashi
POCOLA, OK (May 25th – 28th, 2017) – The 1st Annual Super Stock Triple Threat Weekend, presented by Bravado Wireless and JRT Trucking, Inc., and fifth points race of the season for the USRA B-Mods, IMCA Modifieds and the USRA Modifieds, at the legendary Tri-State Speedway was met with different weather conditions for each of the four nights. Temps in the mid-80’s for practice night, mid 90’s on night one, storm threats on night two and perfect conditions for the final night created different track conditions for the drivers and track prep crew each day. Everyone worked hard and the racing surface produced three and four-wide action on almost every night of this first annual event.
This event, which new track promoter Tommy New had been wanting to have for several years, featured thee complete race programs for the featured Super Stock class over three nights, each paying $3,000 to win. This format allowed for cars to pick which nights they wanted to run and if they had a bad draw or a bad break on the track, they had multiple chances to start over from the beginning on the other nights of the event. The support classes ran a complete show, as well, on each of their nights.
The pre-race ceremonies of each race night started with the invocation and the National Anthem. The final night of the event, included a memorial reading, a moment of silence, the playing of Taps and the National Anthem while drivers paraded around the track with American flags in a salute and remembrance of our fallen military heroes.
The race program each night started with heat races for each support class, plus the featured Super Stocks. Heat race lineups for all classes, except the IMCA Modifieds, were determined by the driver’s draw at sign in. The IMCA Modifieds followed the published rules for that class, which utilizes the driver’s point average for starting positions. The classes, that drew for their starting heat position, advanced to their features via their finish in their heats. Plus, the last heat winner in each support class drew a number for the number of cars to invert for the A Feature. Each race night, 12 Super stocks were locked in from their heat race finishes with the next 10 coming from two B Qualifiers and the final two positions coming from promoter provisionals which went to the highest track point car, not in the A feature and a random draw from the other remaining cars not qualified.
At intermission each night, everyone had a chance to grab themselves one of the new “Tommy burgers”, fried bologna and fresh smoked BBQ sandwiches and other food items that Audrey and her crew had cooking on the grill along with an ice-cold Coca-
Cola product to wash it all down.
The first race on the track after intermission was the first of two B qualifiers for the Super Stocks that saw Tony Anglin (G1 – Walnut Ridge, AR) take the win over Ty Evans (5E – Fort Smith, AR) and Jim Philpot (25 – Greenwood, AR) in third.
Next was the second of the Super Stock B qualifiers where Robby Arnold (60X – Paragould, AR) cross the line first as Dennis Schoenfeld (43 – Van Buren, AR) and Kyle Slader (19S – Muskogee, OK) battled it out for second and third, respectively.
The next feature was for the USRA B-Mods. Daniel Tarkington (2- Checotah, OK) took the win ahead of Lonny Flanagan (7 – Rudy, AR) while Jacob Campbell (27 – Oktaha, OK) finished third.

The last A feature was for the Super Stocks big money, 33 lap race. Dylan Davlin (26D – Shady Point, OK) was the one to beat as he led all 33 laps to claim the first of the weekend’s $3,000 paychecks. Kevin Salter (23 – Batesville, AR) ran a close second while Robby Arnold (60X – Paragould ,AR) finished third.
The first race on the track after intermission, for the second night, was the first of two B qualifiers for the Super Stocks that saw Robby Arnold (60X - Paragould, AR) take the win over Andy Morris (127 – Fort Gibson, OK) and Grant Davis (1 – Muldrow, OK) in third.
Next was the second of the Super Stock B qualifiers Brandon Henry (Ozark, AR) cross the line first as James Flood (42 – Crane, MO) and Robert Knowles (44K – Buffalo Valley, OK) battled it out for second and third, respectively.
The next feature was for the IMCA Modifieds. Kayden Menasco (49 - Muldrow, OK) took the win ahead of Tate Cole (49C – Muskogee, OK) while Jason Payton (6 – Greenwood, AR) finished third.

The last A feature, for the second night, was the second of three big Super Stock, 33 lap races. Robby Arnold (60X – Paragould, AR) only needed the last two feet to claim the next $3,000 paycheck of the event, as he made up eight car lengths in two laps to take the win away from Tony Anglin (G1 – Walnut Ridge, AR) in a great side by side battle through turns three and four to the finish line. Burl Woods (135 – Republic, MO) brought his ride home in third.
The first race on the track after intermission, for the third and final night, was the first of two B qualifiers for the Super Stocks that saw James Flood (42 – Crane, MO) take the win over Dan Morris (27 – Fort Gibson, OK) and Boone Johnson (10 – Hulbert, OK) in third.
Next was the second of the Super Stock B qualifiers where Brandon Henry (8H – Ozark, AR) cross the line first as Tommy New (43N) and Jimmy Douglas (21 – Spiro, OK) battled it out for second and third, respectively.
The next feature was for the USRA Modifieds. Johnny Bone, Jr. (12 – Pea Ridge, AR) took the win ahead of Kayden Menasco (49 – Muldrow, OK) while Brent Holman (17 – Rogers, AR) finished third.
The last A feature of the event was for the final Super Stock, 33 lap race, big money race. Robby Arnold (60X – Paragould, AR) made sure that everyone knew the previous night’s win was no accident by putting an exclamation point on the weekend with back to back wins. Tony Anglin (G1 – Walnut Ridge, AR) ran a close second while Gean Davlin (26 – Shady Point, OK) finished third. Arnold also won the two person, all expenses paid Garner’s Outdoor Adventures, Inc. hunting trip, valued at $2,100, from TA Motorsports and TLA Trucking by having the highest average finish of all three day competitors with a third place finish and two first place wins.
Complete A Feature results for the event are listed at the bottom of this release. All race results, including heats, are available on our website at Current track point standings, including complete class points, are available there, too.
Tri-State Speedway will be closed on June 3rd. Our next scheduled event will be another night of edge-of-your-seat, heart-pounding excitement point racing for all classes, plus the second appearance of the season for the Southern Outlaw Late Model Series, scheduled for June 10th. Don’t forget the new starting time of 8 PM with both pit gates and grandstand gates opening at 5 PM. Driver’s meeting is at 7 PM and hot laps are scheduled for 7:30 PM.
The complete 2017 racing schedule can always be found on our website at  Also, be sure to stay up to date with us via our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube which can be found by clicking the icons on the bottom of our website home page or by adding a “/” plus “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Google+” or “YouTube” at the end so it looks like, etc.
We will see YOU soon!
COMPLETE A FEATURE RESULTS (Number in brackets is where the driver started the race)
1. 2-Daniel Tarkington[1]; 2. 03-Chad Summerford[6]; 3. 1V-Johnny Virden[2]; 4. 22-Dalton Ragsdale[8]; 5. 157-Carl Conley[9]; 6. 27-Jacob Campbell[5]; 7. 28-Dean Green[7]; 8. 7-Lonny Flanagan[3]; 9. 17-Luke Leatherman[4]; 10. 77-Ron Grover[12]; 11. 94-Dustin Leatherman[10]; 12. 41N-Beau Nelson[13]; 13. X57-Chris Smith[14]; 14. 17V-Vernon Flournoy[15]; 15. T2-Levi Cottman[16]; 16. 42W-Matt Walter[11]
1. 26D-Dylan Davlin[1]; 2. 23-Kevin Salter[3]; 3. 60X-Robby Arnold[14]; 4. 11-Derek Brown[11]; 5. 135-Burl Woods[8]; 6. 8H-Brandon Henry[6]; 7. 5E-Ty Evans[15]; 8. 43-Dennis Schoenfeld[16]; 9. 21-Jimmy Douglas[2]; 10. 26-Gean Davlin[7]; 11. G1-Tony Anglin[13]; 12. 8S-Michael Skaggs[12]; 13. 73-Jay Arnold[19]; 14. 1-Grant Davis[5]; 15. 99B-Tim Brown[10]; 16. 60-Chuck Knight[4]; 17. X15-H Palmer[21]; 18. 11M-Carl McDade[24]; 19. 19S-Kyle Slader[18]; 20. 25-Jim Philpot[17]; 21. 17-Neil Johnston[23]; 22. 27-Dan Morris[20]; 23. 71-Jay Rierson[22]; 24. 28-Peyton Taylor[9]
1. 49-Kayden Menasco[6]; 2. 49C-Tate Cole[8]; 3. 6-Jason Payton[7]; 4. 31-Adam McMellon[3]; 5. 57-Robby Hines[4]; 6. 8X-Kelton Sanders[9]; 7. 2-Daniel Tarkington[10]; 8. 57M-Michael Hines[5]; 9. 1V-Johnny Virden[1]; 10. 55-Chuck Bumgarner[2] 
1. 60-Robby Arnold[13]; 2. G1-Tony Anglin[11]; 3. 135-Burl Woods[1]; 4. X15-H Palmer[2]; 5. 19S-Kyle Slader[3]; 6. 42-James Flood[16]; 7. 21-Jimmy Douglas[19]; 8. 127-Andy Morris[15]; 9. 110-JD Jackson[20]; 10. 26-Gean Davlin[23]; 11. 73-Jay Arnold[9]; 12. 5E-Ty Evans[21]; 13. 1-Grant Davis[17]; 14. 44K-Robert Knowles[18]; 15. 74-Matt Fitzgerald[24]; 16. 75-Randy Moses II[4]; 17. 10-Boone Johnson[6]; 18. 11-Derek Brown[10]; 19. 17-Neil Johnston[5]; 20. 60K-Chuck Knight[22]; 21. 4-Roy Long[12]; 22. 43N-Tommy New[8]; 23. 8H-Brandon Henry[14]; 24. 9-Darrin Crisler[7] 
1. 12-Johnny Bone Jr.[7]; 2. 49-Kayden Menasco[11]; 3. 17-Brent Holman[1]; 4. 8-Jeremy Vaughn[4]; 5. 27L-Trevor Latham[3]; 6. 33-Lonnie Robins[2]; 7. 5-Steve Holzkamper[9]; 8. 6-Jason Payton[8]; 9. 79-Allen Owen[16]; 10. 75-Kyle Ledford[6]; 11. 10H-Randy Henson[12]; 12. 15-George Martin[5]; 13. 55-Nathan Hagar[15]; 14. 7-Jake Davis[10]; 15. 30X-Larry Bratti[13]; 16. 48-Dallas Bourland[14] 
1. 60-Robby Arnold[11]; 2. G1-Tony Anglin[3]; 3. 26-Gean Davlin[5]; 4. 4-Roy Long[4]; 5. 42-James Flood[13]; 6. 5E-Ty Evans[2]; 7. 135-Burl Woods[6]; 8. 21-Jimmy Douglas[18]; 9. 26D-Dylan Davlin[1]; 10. 1-Grant Davis[9]; 11. 19S-Kyle Slader[8]; 12. 127-Andy Morris[12]; 13. 44K-Robert Knowles[10]; 14. 27-Dan Morris[15]; 15. 10-Boone Johnson[17]; 16. 71-Jay Rierson[20]; 17. 73-Jay Arnold[19]; 18. 77A-Hayden Chavers[22]; 19. 14-Grant Rhodes[24]; 20. 75M-Randy Moses Sr[23]; 21. 110-JD Jackson[21]; 22. 8H-Brandon Henry[14]; 23. 43N-Tommy New[16]; 24. 60K-Chuck Knight[7]
• BACA (Biker’s Against Child Abuse) Kid’s Night with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Fundraiser on June 17th.
• 46th Annual Firecracker Spectacular $4,000 to win Pure Stock Special & 5th Annual Curtis Tennant Memorial Races with huge, gigantic fireworks display on June 29th, June 30th and July 1st.

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