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Saying Good Bye to The Moody Mile at New York State Fairgrounds



Every year, another race track seems to succumb to the need for whatever type of development can take it's place.  Unfortunately, the New York State Fairgrounds 'Moody Mile' is the latest, having been demnolished on January 9th, 2016.  Although the end was seen to be coming from the middle of last year, it's still sad to see the track formally demolished with such an exclamation point. 

Over the past few years, The track directory, connected nearly 1,000 different race fans from 15 different states with the Moody Mile.  As racing continues across the nation, we will continue to connet over 1 million race fans a year with grass roots racing across the United States!


Video courtesy of Controlled Demolition, Inc. Click here for more CDI videos

The last race ever at the Moody Mile was held in October of 2015 and you can read about it by clicking here

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