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4th Annual Race Like a Girl at UPIR

(8/4/2015) Four Drivers Sweep Races at UPIR Race Like a Girl Night Saturday night marked UPIR’s 4th annual Race Like a Girl Night. The night included several special guests, including local Delta Bay Girl Scouts. Before racing got underway, the girls toured the racing facility, helped change oil and tires. UPIR lady drivers, Hattie Bourdeau and Maggie Martin of the Bink’s Coca-Cola Sport Four division visited with the Girl Scouts, told them what it was like to race in mainly male dominated sport and demonstrated changing tires. They also helped decorate the Bink’s Coca-Cola Sport Four car of Luke Vermote. Also in attendance for Race Like a Girl Night was Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA, Madelyn Christensen. Madelyn helped get the night underway by singing the National Anthem. Starting off the racing for the night were the Riverside Auto Junior Micro Sprints. Joey Stankowicz was able hold off Avry Corrigan for the win. Corrigan crossed the finish line second. Haden Frazer, Elliot Corrigan and Brett Labre followed in that order. Up next were the Sportsmen Micro Sprints for two heats. The first heat was won by Jesse Liss, who came into the night looking to close in on points leader Gabriel Zellner of New Franken, WI. Following Jesse in second place was Logan Getzloff, also looking for a strong points run. Third place went to Jacob Zellner of New Franken, WI. Heat number two began in quite exciting fashion with a three wide move by Gabriel Zellner to the lead. But for the second time this year, Zellner dropped out while leading with mechanical issues. Dan Carne, driving for daughter Rhianna, who was in second then inherited the lead, but not far behind was Justina Liss. Liss made her move on the last lap to take the win. Carne followed in second. Third place went to David Broeders. The 600 Micro Sprints came out for two Josh Bartel won heat one, with Christian Groleau and Jim Groleau running in second and third respectively. The second 600 heat race was won by Jeff Ives, who held off Scott Richer in second place, and Paul Hosking in third. For their heat, the Modifieds came out next. Absent this week was last weeks dominant driver Kody Peterson. Kody, driving father Dale’s car, was unable to attend due to mechanical issues discovered on the blue 17 Modified. After the 10 laps were run for the Modifieds, Fran Berube was on the point, winning the heat. Austin Cayer ran second, with Randy Theys of Algoma, WI. claiming third in his first race at UPIR. Out next for their two heat races were the Street Stocks. Points leader Ron Jenshak was not in attendance, so drivers second on back looked to capitalize on the opportunity. The first heat was won by Corey DeGrave, with Jason Piron in second. Following in third position was Ethan Thomma driving for Rick Gagnon. The second heat would go to Jon Pepin. Greg Bruce would finish second, and Ron Borchert third. The final three heats to run were for the Bink’s Coca-Cola Sport Fours. The top four finishers from each race would transfer into the feature race, with the other drivers needing to qualify for the feature through a LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) race. The first heat transfer drivers were Tyler Corwin in first, Cory Corwin in second, Kyle Stemick driving for Bryon Stemick third, and Ryan Mathieson fourth. Heat two’s top four finishers were Craig Klotz with the win, Isaac Bray of Vulcan in second, Nick Leisner rounding out the podium, and Robert Bridges fourth. The third, and final, heat transfer positions were Elliott Reid of Faithorn, Randy DeGrave, Kyle Johnson, and Tyler Tousignant in that order. Between the heats and features an intermission was held to give track crews a chance to prepare the track, get race line ups ready, and give fans a chance to visit the concessions without missing any action. During the intermission, two bikes, donated by Rob Kirkpatrick and Paul Wagner, were given to two lucky children, with help from Miss Upper Peninsula Teen USA, Madelyn Christensen. The girl scouts and their leader, Nicole Vermote also highlighted intermission. Once fans returned to their seats, and the track was ready, the Junior Micro Sprints sponsored by Riverside Auto came out to run the first feature of the night. For the second time of the night, Joey Stankowicz led the field to the checkered flag. Second place in the feature went to Brett Labre and third to Avry Corrigan. Haden Frazer was fourth and Elliot Corrigan rounded out the field. The next feature of the night belonged to the Sportsmen Micro Sprint division. Point leader Gabriel Zellner started in the back, and began working his way through the field. However, like earlier in the night, Zellner was plagued by car issues, and dropped out of the race. Jesse Liss completed his mission by claiming as many points as possible by winning the feature. Second place would go to Jacob Zellner. In third was another driver to come home with a substantial amount of points Logan Getzloff. Up next for feature racing were the 600 Micro Sprints. Midway through the race, Paul Hosking ran into trouble in a big way. Going down the backstretch, Paul’s car lost a wheel, dug into the track’s clay surface, before tumbling end for end. Paul climbed out uninjured. Once racing resumed, it was Matt Peterson who took control of the field. Peterson would go on to win the race, followed by hard charging Christian Groleau. Third place was Jeff Ives. The Modifieds came out of the pits and onto the track for their Feature following the conclusion of the 600 Sprint feature. The race ran without a single O’Reily Auto Parts Caution Flag. Just like last week, the Modified division saw a double winner. This time it would be Fran Berube claiming both the heat and feature races. Second place would go to Randy Theys, with Pat Richer running third. Before more feature racing could be done, there was the Bink’s Coca-Cola Sport Four LCQ race to be run. For this race, unlike the heats, only the top two finishers would transfer into the feature. The race would eventually end under the O’Reilly Auto Parts Caution Flag, with the transfer positions going to Dan Mathieson and Luke Vermote. Once the LCQ was finished, the Street Stock division ran their feature race. The race would turn out to be a race of attrition, starting with 13 cars, and finishing with only 4. Cars seemed to be dropping left and right for multiple reasons. Some exited with damage from on track incidents, while some just had mechanical issues. Another double winner would emerge out of the Street Stock field. Corey DeGrave held off the field for the second time in the evening. Second place went to the other heat race winner, Jon Pepin. Third place would go to Paul Wagner. The final spot on the card for the night belonged to the Bink’s Coca Cola Sport Four’s and their feature race. After an early O’Reilly Auto Parts Caution Flag, the race took on a real green flag look. That is until second place Tyler Corwin lost his left rear wheel in turn one. After that, Craig Klotz had his second scary crash of the year. The first time he crashed this year, Craig went airborne, this time he rolled the car over! Like Corwin, a rear wheel came off of Klotz’s car, which caused the car to dig in and roll over. Craig climbed out and walked back to the pit area. Racing then concluded with a green, white, checkered finish. Isaac Bray claimed the win after a night of hard racing. Second place went to Elliott Reid, with Nick Leisner third. UPIR goes back into action this Friday night, with gates opening at 5 PM EST, and racing beginning at 7 PM EST. The racing on Friday will be the Prelude to Armageddon on Wheels, which runs Saturday night. Tickets for Armageddon on Wheels are $10 in advance, and can be purchased at the Island Resort & Casino Ticket Booth, Kix Country in Escanaba, or online at UPIR also thanks all of its sponsors, fans, volunteers, and drivers. Without all of them, there would be no racing! By UPIR Race Reporter and Co-Announcer Todd Rose

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