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Interim Boad of Directors appointed for KAM Karters Association

(7/15/2014) Most of you know from the last drivers meeting that we are forming a kart club here at KAM and we want to be completely transparent through the entire process and keep you (ultimately the members) informed about the process. KAM Karters Association will be a nonproft club (seeking 501(3)(c) status) with the purpose to foster karting and manage the entire competition aspect of our race program. I am currently writing our Certificate of Formation and we appointed (and they accepted) an initial Board of 5 Directors. They are: President, Vance Urbanosky Vice-President, Jason Tyer Secretary, Mark Zakalowski Treasurer, Rex Mobley Director of Competition, Curtis Pierce Once the Certificate is finalized and approved by the Board I will post a copy on the website. We are currently drafting the required Bylaws and plan to meet within the next 2 weeks to finalize and approve it. Once done, it will be filed with the State and a copy supplied to the IRS for exempt status approval. Although not final, it is proposed that there be a “Trustee” from each Class to complete the Board of Directors. These positions will be appointed by the Board within the next week. Please let me, or one of them know if you are interested in volunteering for this. The Interim Board has been set up to start, organize and set policies in place for the club. They will hold their respective office until December 31, 2014. Since they are the start up or “interim” Board, they may be nominated and voted back into office to continue for the one (1) year office term. Elections for the 2015 Board of Directors will be in November. Mike and I feel that this is the best thing for the racing program and drivers at KAM, and since you (members) and we have a common goal – it will go hand-in-hand with that goal and should foster a higher level of strong and fair competition. We all benefit with each other’s success – so anyone who may have been misguided, misinformed or under the impression that we “play favorites” or don’t follow the rules (when in fact they didn’t understand or read the rule in its entirety), I hope will realize that, as we have said since we build the track, that our goal is, was and will continue to be to offer a first rate, fair and competitive race program that emphasizes a ladder of development approach for young racers to learn the craft and build skills to become career race car drivers. Our vision was always to promote karting, grow the sport and offer a Christian family atmosphere for kart racing. In addition to our 10 years as members of NTK prior to forming KAM Kartway, I have done extensive research on the subject and studied, what I think are some of the most successful Club/Track partnerships in North America. These tracks and clubs were the inspiration for the formation of KAM Karters Association. Below is a T Chart in Word that you can open that will further explain what will fall under the Club and what will fall under the Track’s realm of responsibility. I hope that it answers any questions that you may have. Please feel free to comment on this blog with any advice, insight, concerns or questions and we will discuss them as they are posted.

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