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2014 Virtual Track Tour to Connect Race Fans with Grassroots Racing and Local Race Tracks Across the United States


With the passing of the 4th of July weekend, while NASCAR welcomes race fans to one of the largest racing venues in the United States at Daytona International Speedway, local grassroots race tracks across the United States are in full swing with their regular weekly racing programs.  Every weekend across the nation, tens of thousands of racers battle it out on local race tracks against long-time rivals, friends and even family members for bragging rights at well more than 1,000 different race tracks of all different sizes.  Ultimately, great racing is within driving distance for the majority of American families to enjoy a great night at the races without massive expense and the Summer of 2014 offers a great opportunity for race fans to get out and enjoy it when the biggest, national events aren't anywhere nearby. has been the only socially engaged website connecting what we call Fans of Fast with race tracks and racers across the United States since 2009,” said Scott Kosak, Founder of, “With the increase in interest we’re seeing in race fans looking for local racing, we decided it was time to give race fans who might not have made it to a local track recently the chance to do so… for FREE!”

Presented by Bondic,’s 2014 Virtual Track Tour will introduce great racing venues to race fans across the United States, rewarding some with race tickets to one of 20 different race tracks in 15 different states. Starting on Monday, July 7th and continuing through Friday, August 29th, 2014, will host 20 different giveaways giving Fans of Fast the chance to enter to win race tickets.  During each stop on the Virtual Track Tour, race fans will be able to win ‘Family Four Packs’ of tickets to different race tracks according to the following schedule (Click any track name to read more about that track):

July 7th – 8th:  Leesville 171 Spdwy in LA

July 9th – 10th:  The Action Track in PA

July 11th – 13th:  Fairbury Amer. Legion Spdwy in IL


   Grayson County, Central Texas, and Dacotah (LPT Images) Speedways


July 14th – 16th:  Whittemore Speedway in MI

July 17th – 19th:  Upper Peninsula Int'l Raceway in MI

July 20th – 21st:  Oshkosh Speedzone in WI

July 22nd – 24th:  Dacotah Speedway in ND

July 25th – 27th:  Virginia Motor Speedway in VA

July 28th – 31st:  Central Missouri Speedway in MO

August 1st – 3rd:  2014: NW Florida Speedway in FL

August 4th – 5th:  Newport Speedway in TN

August 6th – 7th:  Stateline Speedway in KS

August 8th – 10th:  Oglethorpe Speedway Park in GA

August 11th – 13th:  Southern Raceway in FL

August 14th – 15th:  Clary’s Speedway in NC

August 16th – 17th:  Grayson County Speedway in TX

August 18th – 19th:  County Line Raceway in NC

August 20th – 23rd:  Shady Oaks Speedway in TX

August 24th – 25th:  Tri-State Speedway in OK

August 26th – 30th:  Central Texas Speedway in TX


During each promotional period race fans can enter to win Family 4-Packs of tickets through’s Facebook page.  Each of 40 total winners in this series of giveaways will also receive a free kit of Bondic, the world’s first liquid plastic welder and the only product to work where glue fails! 

“Sponsoring the 2014 Virtual Track Tour is a chance to showcase our product to race fans across the United States,” said Rob Harbauer, President of Proformic, the company that produces Bondic, “With Bondic, not only can race fans bond, build, fix, or fill almost anything with this new technology but they can do it in seconds!  Now, it’s also a part of bringing race fans together with grassroots racing across the United States.”

Complete contest details are available at by clicking here.

About RacingIn®.com

RacingIn® is the only socially engaged race track and racer directory that has been actively working to connect race fans with great racing and local racers across the United States since 2009.  With a focus on engaging the tens of millions of grassroots race fans who enjoy local racing, also serves as the only website where sponsors seeking direct engagement with the collective audience of grassroots race fans can do so through a single unified platform that includes over 1,400 race tracks and nearly 3,000 racers.  As a free promotional tool for every race track in the race track directory, RacingIn®.com also works with every track that desires to grow it’s audience to allow it to control it’s own profile and invite more race fans to their events.  

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