Racing Sponsorship 101...  

A Growing Guide of Sponsorship Tips for Racers

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The Power of Multiple Racers in Finding Sponsors

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Sponsors... You Promote Yours, but Who Promotes You?: You may have sponsors, but if you forget to promote YOU, your sponsors suffer and your racing suffers, too!

The Power of The Group in Racing Sponsorship:  How forming partnerships with other racers may help all of you!

Race Hard and Keep Your Word... How delivering on YOUR promises helps the entire sport of racing!

Making Money For Your Sponsors... Understanding Return on Investment as it relates to YOUR Sponsors
You and Your:  How changing your language can give you a better chance with new sponsors Finding Sponsors: Making the Most of 'Matching' Sites... Tips on navigating this new industry
Make a List and Check it Twice...  Knowing how you can EXPOSE, COMMUNICATE, and SHOWCASE your sponsors! Owning Your Name... The First step to a whole new world of marketability!
Forget Sponsorship & think PARTNERSHIP... One word does make a BIG difference! One More Bridge... How the Internet Serves as 'One More Way for Fans to find you 
The YOU Difference... Understanding how YOU make a Difference for Sponsors Web Page Challenges... Why Racers DON'T have webpages and how RacingIn Helps!
Don't Let Fear Win... Treat your search for sponsorship just like a race! Invite with Video... If a Picture's worth 1,000 words, a Video's worth A MILLION!
End the Season with a Bang... Throw a Party with a specific focus! Basic Tips for Standing Out... Quick Pointers for Success in ANYTHING You Do!




Create your own 'Racing Space'...


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