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UserName: ZackSkolnick

Real Name: Zack

Hometown: Belmont, NC

Tracks Where I Race: All over the U.S

Non-Racing Hobbies: Snowboarding/Skateboarding


Classes I've Raced: sprint karts,formula ford,legend cars, spec miata

Classes I Currently Race: Caged Heat Racing Series Mini Cups

My Personal Website:

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24 hour of Batlaha,Portugual- Racing for

SSC EAST/CRG Kart WKA Manufactures Cup National Championship Jackonsvile,FL

Indoor Kart World Championship Kortjik,Belgium 2008

24 Hrs of Lemans,France. Racing for Endurance Karting/Team USA

Media Day @ The grand opening of New Jersey Motorsports Park

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Zack Skolnick is a 20 year old up and coming race-car driver looking make his way into the professional ranks of auto racing. The New Jersey Native currently finds himself residing in Belmont,North Carolina just south of the NASCAR capital of Concord,North Carolina. He is currently attending Belmont Abbey College for a business degree with a focus on motorsports management. Being a professional driver is not just about how well you do on track, but your overall package you have to offer! By getting a four year degree will be doing just that. Many of the racing industrys top leaders have said Skolnick has what it takes to reach the top.

Out of three hundred plus applicants, Zack was picked amoung thirty to race in the new professional racing series known as The Caged Heat Racing Series.  The Caged Heat Racing Series is the hybrid of what racing should be! Combine a rock show with x-games and wwe get The Caged Heat Racing Series. We will be racing mini-cup cars on a 67 degree banked oval track inside NHL arenas, at 20 stops all over the country. The series is set to debut in October of 2010.  Sponsorship oppurtunties are available with this exciting new series and also on the hood of Skolnicks mini cup car.For more information on the series go to . To follow along with Skolnicks racing go to or find him on twitter at

Primary Ride

The 2010 Caged Heat Racing Series Car 

is a modified rendition of an existing ½ scale Mini Cup Stock Car.


The present engine is a 250cc air cooled atv engine with gear box. This engine combined with the 67.5-degree banking will allow speeds in excess of 100 MPH although the cars will be governed to keep the cars from exceeding a race design speed of 50 MPH.
The car measures 5O inches in width and 10 feet in length.
The total car and driver weight will be a maximum of 750 pounds.
BODY: · Hand Layed Fiberglass · Lexan Windshield · Gelcoat Gray
Body styles: Monte Carlo, Impala SS, Fusion, Camry, Charger
CHASSIS: · 0.95 Steel tube · MIG Welded · Upper & Lower Control Arms · Caster, Camber, Toe Adjustments · Movable Pedals · Rack & Pinion
STEERING: · Adjustable Coil Over Shocks · Fully Adjustable Rear Suspension

Backup Ride(s)

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Hello All, I wanted to thank Racing In "For Fans of Fast" for hosting my official forum. Big things are in store for me in 2010 as I was selecte... Read More

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Zack Skolnick can be seen on a wide variety of social media networks such as facebook,myspace, and twitter. Skolnick is a  dream to marketing partners as he is a winner both on and off the track.  The Caged Heat Racing Series is all about getting small business involved with the series. For cheaper then one might think you can become a member and partner of The Caged Heat Racing Series. For more information on this please check out, or