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UserName: nwmodracer

Real Name: Lonnie Stocker

Hometown: Rathdrum, ID

Tracks Where I Race: Stateline Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: bowling and snowmobiling


Classes I've Raced: fever4's, northwest late model 4's, northwest modifieds and super4 modifieds

Classes I Currently Race: Northwest Modifieds

My Personal Website:

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I am currently 47 years old , and my wonderfull supporting wife of 21 years and I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter . I have been racing since 1996, starting out in the super 4 modifieds at stateline speedway in post falls, idaho. Since then its been no looking back cause I was hooked. In 2000 I won my first championship in the fever 4's then moved on to the northwest late model 4's. 2001 i won rookie of the year and placed 6th and in 2002 finished 4th and recieved most improved. I got offered a ride in the northwest modifieds in 2003 and at mid season had to give up the car to my team mate due to an engine failure so I sat out the rest of the season. 2004 came with the same results so we moved on to build our own car in which took up all of the 2005 racing season. At the end of 2005 we debude the new car at wenachee super oval in thier local modified group. In 2006 we got the new motor done a little late and had a difficult season riddled with mechanical problems to finish 17th for the year. As luck would have it I had to sell the car because of business not fairing so well. So we decided to take a break for a while. 2009 came along and was offered a ride for a couple of races and ended up buying the car to support our local late model pro 4 class which quikly went away. So in the end we decided to start up the old super 4 modified group with a little twist. They are now more like pro 4's with modified bodies, and that is where we are now! The season is off to a great start with our first victory with a brand new car! The rest has yet to be written. Stay tuned cause the #99 super 4 modified is on its way to a great start!

Primary Ride

Northwest Modified #99

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None entered yet.

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