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UserName: AnyRacer

Real Name: Any Racer

Hometown: De Leon Springs, FL

Tracks Where I Race: VOLUSIA, Eldoro, Route 66, Talladega, Where haven't I raced!

Non-Racing Hobbies: Family, Friends, Bungy Jumping, and Golf


Classes I've Raced: Dirt Late Models, Midgets, Modifieds, Demolitions and Dragsters

Classes I Currently Race: Whatever someone will let me race!

My Personal Website:

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Little did I know when I hollowed out my first pinewood derby car and put in the ball bearings that would shift to the front that I was destined for a life of racing! 

From Pinewood Derby to Soap Box Derby, it wasn't long before I was jumping into Go Karts on the polished track learning to turn right to go left! 

It's been a long trek since then and I've raced against everyone from Joey Chitwood to Joey Logano and everyone inbetween... and I've beaten them all!



Primary Ride


My current vehicle is a souped up soap box derby racer that I added a bored out Briggs & Stratton engine that brings it close to breaking land speed records coming down the starting hill.  The brakes are Flinstone Specials, which basically means that I use 2-sided carpet tape to attach stock pads to my feet as I get close to the bottom of the hill.



Backup Ride(s)


Have you seen the remake of The Little Rascals? You know the Silver Bullet that was driven by Alfalfa's nemesis?  Well, I recreated a full scale replica and dropped a Big Block V8 in it and use it whenever I feel like I want to impress the heck out of Darla!  It's a little heavy on the top end, but it really does slide through the corners well.



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Chicagoland, July 12th, 2008:  Wow... what an experience it was to be sitting in 2 1/2 place behind Kyle as he pushed Jimmie on that last restart to get him out of the way... I almost thought i was watching a classis Slingshot Move in Talladega Nights!  Oh... the glory of that move... Well anyway.. it was cool to see it but it really killed me.  Once Kyle got around Jimmie, he was toast, so I was pretty much racing against my shadow to salvage the finish that I did!