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UserName: EddieMac443

Real Name: Eddie McLean

Hometown: Carrollton, OH

Tracks Where I Race: Deerfield, Hilltop,Midvale, Barberton,Lorain,Oakshade,

Non-Racing Hobbies: There are no non-racing hobbies...only distractions and amusements!


Classes I've Raced: Late Model, Sport Stocks, Street Stocks, Fig 8, Tuff Trucks, Enduro, Demo Derby, Trailer Races

Classes I Currently Race: Enduro, Fig 8

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Second place at the Carroll County Fair Derby in 1989. Some still say it was the best derby they ever saw. The car was an early 70s Eldorado with a 502. It just wouldnt die. In the end the rear wheels packed up into the body, the cab and roof collapsed and the bellhousing broke in half.It still would go forward, no reverse though.

This $50 gem was a 70s something Volare wagon with a slant six. It won 4 compact derbies in a row at Stark County Ohio. It also ran at Sandusky and was finally destroyed at Carroll County, one place shy of making the feature with the big cars. That slant six still purred right up to the end.

The Camaro scores a rare late model win. Not too bad for a street stock chasis.

Borrowed my dads car and won a race on Fathers Day at Midvale Speedway.

The Chevelle S-3. This car has raced in enduros at Kalamazoo MI, as well as Lorain and Midvale Speedways in Ohio.We have plans to update and race it with the Kimmel Series if funding permits.

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     I started racing in High School in 1982. I raced street stocks at Midvale Speedway and ran local demo derbies. For several years, my family and I raced the weekly circut at Midvale and Canton Motor Speedway in Ohio. Starting off with one car, we quickly added rides for my father and brother in law. We also sponsored the car of a friend. Increasing costs and family growth took us out of the weekly events and most of the cars and equipment were sold off in the early 90s.

     I still competed in demo derbies through the 90s and was later introduced to enduro racing by Ray Dunlap of Speed Channel. I have since raced enduros all over Ohio, into PA, NY and MI. I retired from demo derbies in 2006. I won 6 of the last 7 I was in. Im pretty happy with that. Enduro racing turned out to be just right for me. The costs are lower, the rewards/ prize money are greater and the seat time can't be beat. It has become a real family affair, as we cookout, meet old friends and usually have a great time at each event.

     Still, we may show up at any special event too. From tough trucks , to autocross, to trailer races, if the payout is high enough, something in blue, white and orange might be there!

Primary Ride

  • Currently in the stable I have the following:
  • 92 Chevy Cavalier,
  •  75 Monte Carlo,
  •  75 Chevelle,
  •  96 Olds FWD, 
  • 79 Trans Am, 
  • 95 Blazer.

Backup Ride(s)

I have a 91 Chevy Caprice in the works.

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No race results entered yet.

None listed at this time.

  • Places I have competed at:  * = wins,  # = top 3 finishes (that I remember!)
  • Cadiz,OH
  • Carroll County,OH ********
  • Sandusky Speedway,OH
  • Stark County,OH ****
  • Tuscarawas County,OH #
  • Midvale Speedway,OH *****
  • Canton Motor Speedway,OH*******
  • Lorain County Speedway,OH *
  • Skyline Speedway,OH #
  • Crooksville Speedway,OH
  • Mercer Raceway,PA
  • Black Rock Speedway,NY
  • Kalamazoo Speedway,MI
  • Columbiana County,OH #
  • Hooksville,PA #
  • Wayne County Speedway,OH *
  • Barberton Speedway,OH #
  • Deerfield Raceway,OH ####
  • Oakshade Raceway,OH
  • Hilltop Speedway,OH #