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UserName: vrodracing90

Real Name: Billy Doherty

Hometown: Lake Charles, LA

Tracks Where I Race: I race on the national circut in the AMRA, AHDRA and outlaw races at track like Beech Bend Raceway, No Problems Raceway, Gulfport Dragway, Houston Motorsports Park, Ben Bruce Memroial Park, Silver Dollar Raceway, Huntsville Dragway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Golf, fishing and hunting


Classes I've Raced: Top Eliminator, Pro Gas, V-Mod, Street Cruiser/ V-Rod and Super Gas

Classes I Currently Race: Top Eliminator, Pro Gas, V-Mod, Street Cruiser/ V-Rod and Super Gas

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I am a professional Harley Drag racer. I drag race Harley-Davidson V-Rods on the national level. In four years I have won 9 National Championships and 3 runner-up in the nation. I live in Lake Charles.  I love to have fun at whatever that I do. I travel about 25,000 miles a year with my racing. I like to workout, playing on my 4 wheeler, racing, fishing, hunting, building custom Harley bikes and really anything outdoors. I am one of those people that are very determined. That is the only way to be get where you want to be in life. I do live my life to the fullist. I don't have any children(2 God children) but I love hanging with them. In someways I am a big kid at heart. I love having fun with them. I really don't want to look back at my life and say I wish I had. All that will make you do is live in the past. You can learn from the past but I am always looking to the future. The 2010 Season is going to kick off at the end of March and I will be racing 4 different V-Rods in 4 different classes. The rules in two of the classes have changed and we will see. So stay tuned. I have a new frame that is  140 pounds lighter than a stock destroyer.

 2009 season I won 2 National Championships , three classes 3rd and one class 4th in the nation.

  2008 season I won 4 National Championships in four different classes. I made it to 21 finals and won 17 of them. I was voted racer of the year again. I also was Billy Navarre Sports person of the week in October 2008.

  2007 was my second full season racing the circut. I raced five different classes on three different V-Rods. To start off the 2007 season the opening race of the year I won two classes and was runner-up in a third class. This season I have added another V-Rod and another class that I have entered. Now that the 2007 season is now over. I won a National Championship, 2 runner up in the nations, 5th in the nation and 7th in the nation. I won 5 national events and was runner-up 2 times during the 2007 season. I went to the Awards banguet and found out that I am the 2007 Racer of the Year.

  In 2006 I raced in four different classes on two V-Rods. When I finished my 2006 racing season. I won 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, Runner-up and 5th in all the classes. To top all of that off at the awards banquit I was given the Most Improved Racer Award. In 2006 I won 7 times, runner up 3 times and made it to the semi finals four in National events.

  I also won the 2006, 2007 and 2009 Memorial Day Blowout in Gulfport, Ms and the 2006 & 2007 Labor Day Blowout in Shreveport, La. I race all over the country and have met many people and have alot of new friends. This has been alot of fun. On May 21, 2006 & March 24, 2007 I set a national record while racing. I am also trying to have the fastest V-Rod in the nation in the quater mile. Which means mid to low 8 second passes.

Primary Ride

I race 4 different Harley-Davidson V-Rods

A 2002 V-Rod that is street legal and runs in the low 10's. I have won 4 National Championships on this bike.

I have 2 2006 Harley-Davidson Destroyer V-Rods. I have won 5 National Championship on these two bikes.

I have a new one that is in a Pro Stock lighter frame but still has a V-Rod motor.

Backup Ride(s)

Other than my race bikes I have a 2005 Harley-Davidson Duece, 2010 Street Glide, 2001 Buell Thunderbolt and a 2009 Buell 1125R.

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