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UserName: thr36

Real Name: Thomas Hartensveld

Hometown: Salisbury, NC

Tracks Where I Race: Race regionally in Tn, NC, SC and Va

Non-Racing Hobbies: Racing is all I do!


Classes I've Raced: Karts, Super Late Model Trucks and Late Model Stock

Classes I Currently Race: Late Model Stock

My Personal Website:

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Thomas Hartensveld, Jr.
Born: November 7, 1989
Residence: Salisbury, NC
Home Town: Ringwood, NJ
Car Owner: Tom Hartensveld, Sr
4 Club Championships-Kart
3 WKA Grand National Championships-Kart
4 WKA National Championships-Kart
3rd INEX 600 Racing National Points
2nd INEX Racing Young Lions Points
2 Summer Shoot Out Wins
Regional Qualifier Winner
National Race of Champions Winner
Mason Dixon Race Winner
Professional Invitation Only Race PRI Orla. Fla 2 years
18 Wins in 32 Starts in 1st Season of Legend Cars
16 Starts
2 Top 10's
Point Standing 14th
Rookie Points Standings 6th
     Thomas began his love of racing in 1995 after his brother lost interest in the sport. He went with his brother and his father on weekends to help out as a crew member. At the age of seven he asked his father if he could take his brother’s ride and from then on he was hooked. Thomas had an explosive first year winning several races and learning a lot about what it takes to be a driver. Confidence came early on through the encouragement of his father and his shear determination.
                       Thomas raced Karts for nine years, dominating the local areas and racing all along the eastern seaboard picking up win after win. He was able to do things with the kart that most have never been able to accomplish. His father who was his inspiration taught him the life skills as well as the ability to learn everything he could about racing. Many of his friends didn't understand his passion for what he did and he would often give up time with them to learn more about his art. Through his years of Kart racing he was able to rack up an astounding 11 Championships. With this success he made the determination that it was time to move on.
                At the age of 16, Thomas and his family felt it was time for him to move on from Kart racing. The next logical step was Legend cars. This division was more demanding and a great place to learn more technical skills that would tone him as a driver.
     In order for Thomas to continue his growth as a driver it was decided that he would move to the center of auto racing to pursue his dream. It was a difficult decision made by his mother and father. The family was well established in their community and his father's career was deeply important to them, but after some careful thought and advice from racing insiders they sent their middle child to live in North Carolina.
            Thomas gave up his life at the age of 16 and moved hours away from family, friends, school and everything that was normal to him, to a southern town deep in racing tradition. With this move he had to spend all his time working on his craft. He gave up school and continued his education online. But the sacrifice was worth it his start in Legend racing was a success. With only racing this division for one year he was able to capture 18 wins in 32 starts. Included in these wins were 2 Summer Shoot Out Wins; Regional Qualifier Winner; National Race of Champions Winner; Mason Dixon Race Winner and the honor of being asked to attend two years in a row, by professional invitation only, to race at the Performance Racing Industry in Orlando Fla.
     With all of this success the family and colleagues had another decision to make. It was time to move on again after a very short time. The decision was made to have Thomas to move up to Super Trucks.
                He raced at the famed Hickory Motor Speedway participating in 10 races finishing in he top ten every race and had several chances at wins but fell short. He was able to gain a lot of experiences in this level but felt it was time to move ahead to a series that was more competitive and give him the exposure that he needs to keep moving up.
     After his stint in the Super Late Model circuit Thomas's family was faced with another difficult decision. Although he enjoyed the time in that division he felt it was time to make the jump to the most competitive racing series in the south east UARA-STARS. This was a monumental switch. UARA-Stars is filled with the most competitive drivers who have been at the very top of the Late Model Division in the south. He was matched up weekly with the likes of Jamie Yelton, Jamie Caudill, Richard Boswell, Jason York and others who have been to the top of Late Model Stock cars in the south.
             Thomas had a shaky start to his career in the UARA, but quickly came up to speed by learning all he could about the Late Model Car. He is able to do well in his first year by racing the full tour with the exception with one race. He success was noted by not only other race car drivers but crew chiefs who are stars in there own right in Late Model Stock Car racing. Thomas was able to complete the year despite problems with his primary car. He leased a car from Fat Head Racing to end the year and put up some impressive times in practice and the race. The year ended with him in his rookie year finishing 14 in driver points and 6 in rookie points. This is a great feat for Thomas or any other first year driver in this series. Thomas has a promising new year ahead of him, with new equipment and the addition of new crew members he is ready to face the demands of the new season.
UARA-Stars Schedule
Opening Date: March 14th ~ Hickory Motor Speedway(NC)
March 28th ~ Concord Motorsport Park(NC)
April 10th ~ Tri-County Motor Speedway(NC)
April 17-18th ~ Rockingham Speedway(NC)
April 25th ~ Southern National Raceway Park(NC)
May 30th ~ Dillon Motor Speedway(SC)
June 13th ~ Coastal Plains Raceway(NC)
June 27th ~ Hickory Motor Speedway(NC)
July 4th ~ Lonesome Pine Raceway(VA)
July 17th ~ Tri-County Motor Speedway(NC)
August 7th ~ Ace Speedway(NC)
August 15th ~ TBA
August 29th ~ Newport Speedway(TN)
September 5th ~ Southern National Raceway Park(NC)
September 19th ~ Dillon Motor Speedway(NC)
October 31st ~ Concord Motorsport Park(NC)

Primary Ride

I currently have a new car built by Marlowe Racing chassis. It is a 2009 Chevy Impala and with with a new motor from Poe Engines I am sure to have a winning season. Last year my car was not up to par, later on in the year I was able to rent a Marlowe car and I was on fire.  After racing with much success with this car I purchased one for this season. I will have the greatest year possible if given the chance and the funds to race.

Backup Ride(s)

I have my old car on stand by just in case. I feel that we should have no need for the back up, but if needed it will be ready to go. My only hope is to have this car ready for appearances for all my sponsors so I can leave the beast in the shop ready to race!

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