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UserName: slingerchamp99

Real Name: Taylor O'Connor

Hometown: Delanson, NY

Tracks Where I Race: Caroga Creek, Turkey Trot, Oakland Valley, Dodge City, Paradise

Non-Racing Hobbies: Baseball, Golf, Hockey


Classes I've Raced: Stock novice, bocstock, Jr. 1 rookie, Jr 1, Jr 2, Jr 2 pro, Stock Light, Slingshots

Classes I Currently Race: Stock Light, Slingshots

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In Loving Memory Of Wyatt Spencer

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 Im 15 years old, and i love racing. Ive been racing since i was about 7 and have 5 championships while racing in Jr 1 Rookie, Jr 1, Jr 2, Jr 2 Pro, and Slingshots. I love racing because it's different, exiting, and is the only sport that requires more than one ball! Find me on facebook or follow me on Twiter @slingerchamp99 ... SPONSORS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED AND WELCOME


Primary Ride

 I currently drive a slingshot weekly. Also have a kart that i plan on driving a few times this year.

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