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UserName: slinger51

Real Name: Michael Fry

Hometown: Fredericksburg, PA

Tracks Where I Race: Lindas Speedway, Lanco Speedway, Trailways, Penn Can Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: riding 4 wheeler, hanging out, working on the racecar


Classes I've Raced: Tobias Slingshots, Xcel 600cc Modified

Classes I Currently Race: Xcel 600cc Modified

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other side of the 2010 car

2009 roof flys open..

2009 racing at lindas speedway

2010 car at dirt trackin show in york pa

My name is Michael Fry, I am 23 and i drive the #51 Xcel 600 Modified. The Xcel 600 Modified Division is a traveling series that races at tracks in Pennsylvania and New York. 

   In 2007 I raced in the Tobias Slingshots Division, getting 5 heat wins 1 top 5 and 3 top 10s. Also finishing 22nd in drivers points standings.

   In 2008 I took the year off and came back in 2009. In 2009, I raced in the Tobias Slingshots division once again. I raced this for a while before getting a Xcel 600cc Modified. i had 9 races in the xcel modified as i was doing double duty on some nights driving the mod and my tobias slingshot.

    In 2010 i will be driving a xcel modified only at lindas, lanco trailways and maybe penn can speedway. im looking to get a few heat or consi wins for this year as i am a young driver just starting in this division.

Primary Ride

my current ride is the #51 xcel modified

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Seeking Sponsorship For 2010

my name is Michael Fry i am 23 years old from Fredericksburg Pa. I am currently looking for sponsors for the 2010 racing season. i drive a xcel 600... Read More

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2009 STATS
   TRACK                             DATE             START          FINISH
Lindas Speedway            3/29/2009          Practice          Rain
Lindas Speedway            5/8/2009            DNQ               DNQ
Kutztown Speedway        5/13/2009          DNQ               DNQ
Lanco Speedway             5/23/2009          DNQ               DNQ
Lindas Speedway            6/19/2009          16th                24th
Lanco Speedway             6/27/2009          25th               18th
5 Mile Point Speedway     7/4/2009            DNQ             DNQ
Thunder Mtn Speedway   7/5/2009            28th                28th
Lindas Speedway            8/14/2009          22nd               25th
Lindas Speedway            10/10/2009        15th                14th

58th in points out of 64. went to 9/30 shows.


      TRACK                 DATE            START          FINISH
Lindas Speedway      3/29/2009     Practice           Rain
Lindas Speedway      4/3/2009       Rain                Rain
Lindas Speedway      4/10/2009     14th                11th
Lindas Speedway      4/24/2009     20th                17th
Lindas Speedway      5/1/2009       no show    Blown engine
Lindas Speedway      5/8/2009       11th                12th
Lindas Speedway      5/22/2009     14th                14th
Lindas Speedway      5/29/2009     12th                11th
Lindas Speedway      6/19/2009     13th                14th
Lindas Speedway      6/26/2009     Rain                Rain
Lindas Speedway      7/10/2009     13th                17th
Lindas Speedway      7/24/2009     1st                  5th
Lindas Speedway      7/31/2009     Rain                Rain  
Lindas Speedway      8/14/2009     11th                9th
Lindas Speedway      8/21/2009     Rain                Rain
Lindas Speedway      8/28/2009     Rain                Rain
Lindas Speedway      9/4/2009       19th                20th
Lindas Speedway      9/11/2009     Rain                Rain
Lindas Speedway      9/18/2009     16th                15th
Lindas Speedway      9/26/2009     Rain                Rain
Lindas Speedway      10/2/2009     1st                  Rain

12th in points out of 33.

      TRACK                       DATE              START          FINISH
Kutztown Speedway       7/15/2009        23rd               17th
Kutztown Speedway       7/22/2009        17th               15th
Kutztown Speedway       8/5/2009          DNQ               DNQ
Kutztown Speedway       8/13/2009        DNQ               DNQ

20th in points out of 50.