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UserName: devinoconnell

Real Name: Devin O'Connell

Hometown: Madison, CT

Tracks Where I Race: Charlotte Motor Speedway, Hickory Motor Speedway, Orange County Speedway, Motor Mile Speedway, Southern National Motorsports Park, Dillion Motor Speedway, Florence Motor Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Bowling, Bicycling, Video Games


Classes I've Raced: Tiger Sprint A & B, Jr. Outlaw, Jr. Champ, Allison Legacy, Legends

Classes I Currently Race: Allison Legacy, Legends

My Personal Website:

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Victory Lane at Dillon Motor Speedway, Dillon, SC. Fifth win in a row - Allison Legacy Series. 9/27/2014

Stafford Motor Speedway Legends win 9/12/2014

Victory Lane at Florence Motor Speedway

9/20/2014 Bethel Motor Speedway victory lane

Victory Lane at Wake County Speedway (NC). 8/30/2014

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My name is Devin O’Connell and I am passionate about racing.  I am currently 16 years old and a Junior in high school.  I have been racing since I was nine years old.  During the 2014 season, I will be racing in the Allison Legacy Touring Series, as well as, a 1934 Legend Coupe. 

Please visit and "Like" my Facebook page at or follow me on Twitter @_DevinOConnell.  By "liking" or following my page(S), you will be able to get trackside updates and comnents along with race day photos.  In addition, my new website is up and running at  Feel free to fill out the "JOIN" page to help me build my fan base for future sponsorship opportunities. 

I first became interested in racing when I was a kindergarten student in Chatham, MA, and discovered a classmate raced go-karts.  When I discovered that kids could race karts, I was determined to get into the sport.  I had to be very persistent for several years in order to persuade my parents to let me try racing.


My father purchased my first kart when I was nine years old.  The kart had been sitting in someone’s garage for a couple years.  My dad and I showed up at our first race with the kart (on old tires), a utility trailer, a bicycle pump, and a Leatherman tool.   My first race proved to be very successful as I finished third in the 17-kart field.  By my fourth race ever, I was in victory lane.  I finished my first season with 3 wins, 10 top 3’s out of 18 races, and second in points.


The only crew I have ever had is my father and me.  We have had to learn the world of racing on our own bit by bit with the generous help of others and lots of reading.  Despite our limited knowledge, I have managed to achieve much success over the past seven years.  I have two karting championships, nearly 30 karting wins, and 12 top 3’s in an Allison Legacy racecar.  In addition, I have finished second in karting championships 4 times and I finished the 2013 season second in points in the Allison Legacy Touring Series.


My goal for the 2014 season is to continue racing in the Allison Legacy Touring Series.  In addition, I plan to do Legend car races at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Concord Speedway.  Although I have improved a lot during the 2013 season, I have realized, with the help of Donnie Allison, that I have some more learning to do.  I am also working to secure marketing partnership funding so that I can move up into bigger cars and bigger races.  


Primary Ride

Allison Legacy Ford Thunderbird

US Legend 1934 Coupe


Backup Ride(s)


Allison Legacy Chevy Monte Carlo


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01/04/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Oval Legend Semi-Pro 12th, 11th My first Legend race and it was a double header. I started 8th in the first race and worked up to 7th before my throttle cable broke on lap 6. I started the 2nd race in 11th and was in 6th by the 3rd lap. However, on lap 7, I spun the car in turn 2 resulting in an 11th place finish.
01/18/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course Legends Semi-Pro 5th Today's race was my first Legend road course race. I qualified 6th and made it up to the 5th position for the checker.
01/19/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course Legends Semi-Pro 4th
01/25/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course Legnds Semi-Pro 2nd, 4th
01/26/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course Legends Semi-Pro 1st
02/01/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Road Course Legends Semi-Pro 3rd
02/17/14 Auburndale Speedway. Winter Haven FL Legends Semi-Pro 6th
02/18/14 Auburndale Speedway. Winter Haven, FL Legend Semi-Pro 1st
02/19/14 Auburndale Speedway. Winter Haven, FL Legend Semi-Pro 5th
02/20/14 Auburndale Speedway. Winter Haven, FL Legend Semi-Pro 5th
02/21/14 Auburndale Speedway. Winter Haven, FL Legend Semi-Pro 5th
03/08/14 Dillon Motor Speedway, Dillon , SC Allison Legacy postponed
03/22/14 Southern National Motorsports Park, Kenly, NC Allison Legacy 3rd
04/05/14 Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC Allison Legacy 1st After starting in the back, the car was extremely quick during the feature and I was able to work my way up to take my 1st Allison Legacy win.
04/26/14 Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC Allison Legacy 1st This race was one in the history books as I now own the record for smallest margin of victory in the Allison Legacy Series at just 6 one thousandths of a second (.006).
05/03/14 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC Allison Legacy 2nd Had a great car and with this being a very difficult track for me in the past, can't be happier with a 2nd place finish.
05/24/14 Orange County Speedway, Rougemont, NC Allison Legacy 1st We were riding in second until a lap 19 restart and I was able to take the lead and never look back taking my 3rd win in the Allison Legacy and my 5th this year.
06/07/14 Motor Mile Speedway, Radford, VA Allison Legacy 3rd We struggled with setup all day but even with our issues, we came out with a 3rd place finish.
06/09/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 5th My first Summer Shootout race and 8th Legend asphalt start. I qualified 12th and finished 5th. Very happy with a top 5 in my first Shootout race.
06/10/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 10th Round 2 of the Summer Shootout. Qualified 4th of the 21 car field and started the race 3rd after a redraw. The track was wet and slick after a thunderstorm. I was running in 3rd with 5 or 6 laps to go when I got turned and had to go to the back of the field. In the few remaining laps, I managed to work back to a 10th place finish.
06/17/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 1st Round 3 of the Summer Shootout resulted in the BIGGEST WIN of my racing career so far. I took the lead on lap 8 and held on for the balance of the 25 lap race. MAVTV aired a recap of the race on national TV.
06/21/14 Dillon Motor Speeway, Dillon, SC Allison Legacy Rain out My first pole of the 2014 season, but the race was rained out when a thunderstorm rolled through
06/24/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 2nd Round 4. Qualified 3rd but started 7th after the inversion. I worked up to 2nd when the skies opened up with rain. The entire field struggled with the conditions including me. I got caught up in a wreck and was sent to the rear of the field. Patience paid off, as I carefully worked my way back up to 2nd where I finished.
07/01/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 4th Round 5 landed me the 2nd fastest qualifying time but I started 4th after the redraw. I worked up to as high as 2nd in the wreck filled feature that included a flipped car. In fact, 19 cars started and only 7 finished. Cars were wrecking right up to the checker flag. I managed to avoid them and pull off a 4th place finish.
07/08/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 2nd Round 6: I qualified 2nd and started 8th as the Semi-pro points leader. When the dust settled 25 laps later, I crossed the finish line in 2nd place of the 19 car field. I raced hard getting my way up toward the front and made a good restart choice after a caution with 5 to go. Starting on the outside of row 1, I was able to grab the 2nd spot shortly after the restart. On the last lap, I got under the leader off turn 2 and cleared for the lead. Heading into turn 3, I was knocked loose and passed sending me back to 2nd.
07/15/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 17th Round 7 proved to be a tough night. On lap 2 of the Semi-pro race, my right rear trailing arm bolt broke. This resulted in a caution and an early pit stop that cost me 2 laps. A few laps later, a 2nd caution came out and gave me the lucky dog putting me only 1 lap down. Things got worse, however, when a car I was passing lost power and slowed abruptly. I made contact with the car and sustained damage that ended my night with a 17th place finish in the 19 car field.
07/19/14 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC Allison Legacy 1st
07/22/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 2nd Round 8 of the Summer Shootout. Qualified 4th and started 3rd after the redraw. During the feature, I was able to grab the lead on the first lap but fell back to 2nd on lap 5. I dropped back to 3rd but was able to work back up to 2nd where I finished the race in the 20-car field.
07/26/14 Orange County Speedway. Rougemont, NC Allison Legacy 2nd The closest finish in Allison Legacy history started for me on the pole. I led the first 17 laps until the first caution. On the restart, I fell back to 2nd when a competitor jumped the start. With 2 laps to go, I got under the first place car. We raced side-by-side for the last 2 laps. I got a good run out of turn 4 on the last lap and appeared to cross the finish line first by a nose. I went to victory lane for the celebration and post race interview. However, during the post race interview I was told the in-car transponder showed me in 2nd place by 1/1000th of a second.
07/28/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 1st
07/29/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Legends Semi Pro 15th Round 10: I went into the final round of the Summer Shootout with a 5 point lead in the Semi Pro division. During the race, on the 1st lap, the car to my outside got loose and came down hitting and cutting my right front tire. I ran 5 laps with the tire going down and finally spun coming out of turn 2. Another car then hit my left side and blew out the left rear tire. I got back in the race, but it took my crew 6 laps to repair the damage. I finished the race in 15th, lost the points lead, and finished overall in 3rd place 7 points behind the leader.
08/09/14 Motormile Speedway. Radford, VA Allison Legacy 1st
08/23/14 Dillon Motor Speedway. Dillon, SC Allison Legacy 1st
08/30/14 Wake County Speedway. Raleigh, NC Allison Legacy 1st
09/06/14 Southern National Legends 2nd Double duty with the Allsion Legacy Series. Qualified 3rd. Dropped back to 4th, but managed to work up to the 2nd spot for the checker flag.
09/06/14 Southern National Motorsports Park. Kenly, NC Allison Legacy 1st This was my 4th Allison Legacy win in a row. Qualified on the pole and finished in the top spot.
09/12/14 Stafford Motor Speedway Legends 1st My first race at Stafford Motor Speedway. I qualified on he pole and led every lap from the drop of the green flag to the checker. I was thrilled to return to my old karting track and win my first Legends race here.
09/19/14 Stafford Motor Speedway Legend Semi-Pro 11th Qualified 1st but started 4th due to the inversion of the starting order. On the 2nd lap, I got hit and spun causing a caution. I restarted in the 12th spot and worked up to 2nd by lap 10. On a restart on lap 13, I made contact with another car that cut my left front tire and ended my night.
09/20/14 Bethel Motor Speedway Legend Semi-Pro 1st Great night at Bethel. Qualified 1st and ran the feature race in the top spot from the starting green flag to the checker.
09/27/14 Dillon Motor Speedway, Dillon, SC Allison Legacy 1st My 5th win in a row in the Legacy Tour. Qualified 3rd, but was running in 2nd before the first lap was complete. I took over the lead around lap 8 and remained there for the checker.
10/03/14 Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, MA Legend 3rd My first appearance at Seekonk in a Legend car. We struggled with the setup in practice and still did not have it right for the heat race. I was too loose and spun on the final lap. We tightening the car up more for the feature race and the results were good. I started the feature in 12th and worked up to a 3rd place finish and a Semi-pro divisional win.
10/04/14 Bethel Motor Speedway Legend 10th The car was fast in practice, but that all changed when we had some body panel issues that obscured my view during the heat race. I qualified 10th in the heat race, and worked up to 4th before I got caught up in a spin and got sent tp the rear of the field. With only 4 laps remaining, I did not have any time to work back up. I finished around 10th place.
10/11/14 Orange County Speedway. Rougemont, NC Allison Legacy
10/18/14 Hickory Motor Speedway. Hickory, NC Allison Legacy
11/01/14 Florence Motor Speedway. Florence, SC Allison Legacy
11/15/14 Southern National Motorsports Park. Kenly, NC Allison Legacy

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