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UserName: devinoconnell

Real Name: Devin O'Connell

Hometown: Madison, CT

Tracks Where I Race: Charlotte Motor Speedway, Hickory Motor Speedway, Orange County Speedway, Motor Mile Speedway, Southern National Motorsports Park, Dillion Motor Speedway, Florence Motor Speedway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Bowling, Bicycling, Video Games


Classes I've Raced: Tiger Sprint A & B, Jr. Outlaw, Jr. Champ, Allison Legacy, Legends

Classes I Currently Race: Allison Legacy, Legends

My Personal Website:

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Victory Lane at Dillon Motor Speedway, Dillon, SC. Fifth win in a row - Allison Legacy Series. 9/27/2014

Stafford Motor Speedway Legends win 9/12/2014

Victory Lane at Florence Motor Speedway

9/20/2014 Bethel Motor Speedway victory lane

Victory Lane at Wake County Speedway (NC). 8/30/2014

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My name is Devin O’Connell and I am passionate about racing.  I am currently 16 years old and a Junior in high school.  I have been racing since I was nine years old.  During the 2014 season, I will be racing in the Allison Legacy Touring Series, as well as, a 1934 Legend Coupe. 

Please visit and "Like" my Facebook page at or follow me on Twitter @_DevinOConnell.  By "liking" or following my page(S), you will be able to get trackside updates and comnents along with race day photos.  In addition, my new website is up and running at  Feel free to fill out the "JOIN" page to help me build my fan base for future sponsorship opportunities. 

I first became interested in racing when I was a kindergarten student in Chatham, MA, and discovered a classmate raced go-karts.  When I discovered that kids could race karts, I was determined to get into the sport.  I had to be very persistent for several years in order to persuade my parents to let me try racing.


My father purchased my first kart when I was nine years old.  The kart had been sitting in someone’s garage for a couple years.  My dad and I showed up at our first race with the kart (on old tires), a utility trailer, a bicycle pump, and a Leatherman tool.   My first race proved to be very successful as I finished third in the 17-kart field.  By my fourth race ever, I was in victory lane.  I finished my first season with 3 wins, 10 top 3’s out of 18 races, and second in points.


The only crew I have ever had is my father and me.  We have had to learn the world of racing on our own bit by bit with the generous help of others and lots of reading.  Despite our limited knowledge, I have managed to achieve much success over the past seven years.  I have two karting championships, nearly 30 karting wins, and 12 top 3’s in an Allison Legacy racecar.  In addition, I have finished second in karting championships 4 times and I finished the 2013 season second in points in the Allison Legacy Touring Series.


My goal for the 2014 season is to continue racing in the Allison Legacy Touring Series.  In addition, I plan to do Legend car races at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Concord Speedway.  Although I have improved a lot during the 2013 season, I have realized, with the help of Donnie Allison, that I have some more learning to do.  I am also working to secure marketing partnership funding so that I can move up into bigger cars and bigger races.  


Primary Ride

Allison Legacy Ford Thunderbird

US Legend 1934 Coupe


Backup Ride(s)


Allison Legacy Chevy Monte Carlo


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03/09/13 Dillon Motor Speedway, Dillon, SC Allison Legacy DNF The first race of the 2013 Allison Legacy season found Devin on the pole for the first time. The excitement was short lived, however. At the drop of the green flag, Devin overdrove his Ford Thunderbird into turn one and lost control. His car slid up the track and into the outside wall ending his night.
03/23/13 Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC Allison Legacy 4th Qualified 2nd. Shortly after the start of the race, I fell back to third. By lap 18, I was battling to hold that poisition with several laps of side by side racing. I eventually fell back to 5th, but managed to make a last lap pass to finish 4th.
04/06/13 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC Allison Legacy 4th
04/20/13 Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC Allison Legacy 4th I started the day off by qualifying 5th. During the feature I was up to 4th by lap 3. I bounced around between 3rd and 4th for the next 46 laps. After the 5th caution, I was restarting 3rd for a green, white checker finish, but was beat at the line by a couple of feet settling for 4th.
05/25/13 Orange County Speedway, Rougemont, NC Allison Legacy 3rd
06/08/13 Motor Mile Speedway, Radford, VA Allison Legacy 2nd The Motormile Speedway win on Saturday night was Justin LaDuke's high school graduation present to himself. Starting from the Pole Position he led every lap of the 50 lap race to take the win. Finishing in second place after dueling with Casey Hillenburg for several laps was Devin O'Connell. Hillenburg was third and Ben Klatt took the fourth spot. Klatt and O'Connell had some of the best racing running side by side for quite a few laps. Rounding out the top five was Tyler Farris who was the Rookie of the Race and the Hard Charger of the Race. Farris ended up spinning on the last lap and crossing over the finish line driving backwards from turn four to the checkered flag. Daniel Bedford ran sixth and Jake Ruggles who had handling problems throughout the race finished in seventh place. Logan Jones, the series youngest driver, was three laps down but finished the race in eighth. LaDuke celebrated his win and his recent acceptance of the Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship to UNCC by taking the Alan Kulwicki Polish Victory Lap around the track with the checkered flag. LaDuke continues to lead the points race with Hillenburg and O'Connell in 2nd and 3rd. Bedford has moved into 4th in points and Ruggles into fifth for the points chase. Next race for the Touring Series is at Hickory Motor Speedway on June 22nd for the Banjo Matthews Memorial races with the UARA Stars Series.........
06/22/13 Hickory Motor Speedway. Hickory, NC Allison Legacy 2nd
06/29/13 Dillon Motoer Speedway, Dillon, SC Allison Legacy 3rd
07/13/13 Southern National Motor Sports Park, Kenly, NC Allison Legacy 3rd
08/10/13 Dillon Motor Speedway, Dillon, SC Allison Legacy 4th Tyler Hill returned to the Allison Legacy Series in style at Dillon Motor Speedway last Saturday night by taking the Pole Position and winning the race. He had the fastest time in qualifying of 18.590 followed by Justin LaDuke with 18.842 and Hunter Moody with 18.971. Hill and LaDuke ran side by side early in the race but Hill finally got the lead and led till the end of the race. Moody had a heim joint break and had to park his car. With some hard racing going on Allison and Devin O'Connell touched and O'Connell spun late in the race. Both drivers were sent to the rear of the field. Michael Cooper passed LaDuke right near the end of the race to take second place. LaDuke finished third and O'Connell was fourth. Allison, the Hard Charger of the Race rounded out the top five. Tyler Farris was the Rookie of the Race finishing in the sixth spot. Rookie Jake Ruggles finished in seventh place. New driver to the series Andy Cryan in the #94 finished eighth and the Davis Brothers, Andrew and Parker, in the #45 and #44 cars ended up ninth and tenth. Ian Isringhausen who was entered in the race had a fourth turn wreck in early practice and was unable to start the fifty lapper. Hill's brother Timmy who drives in the Sprint Cup Series was on hand to help the #2 crew and driver. It was a hot and humid race day and thanks to all drivers, crews and families who came out to run the race. Next race for the Touring Series will be at Florence Motor Speedway in Timmonsville, SC is on Saturday, August 24th....LaDuke continues to lead the points race and O'Connell has moved into second in points..................................
08/24/13 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC Allison Legacy 4th
09/14/13 Orange County Speedway Allison Legacy 2nd I qualified 2nd and started on the outside pole. The race was uneventful and ran green for all 35 laps. This was our third time finishing in the number 2 spot this year.
09/28/13 Southern National Motorsports Park, Kenley, NC Allison Legacy 3rd I qualified 4th, but after a redraw for starting position, I started the race on the pole. I fell back to 3rd on about lap 10 and stayed there the rest of the race. This marks our 7th top 3 and our 12th top 5 out of the 13 races so far this season.
10/19/13 Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC Allison Legacy 2nd I qualified 4th and after a redraw, I started the feature race on the outside pole. On lap 2, I was sitting in the 3rd position and held that until the only caution on lap 15. During the restart, the leader lost a cylinder causing the inside row to start a bit slowly and for the leader to drop out of the race. I was still in 3rd. However, on lap 22, I made a pass to get into the 2nd position and that is where I finished the 35 lap race.
10/26/13 Orange County Speedway Allison Legacy 7th This race was one of the closest and most exciting races of the 2013 season. I started the day off qualifying 5th. During the race, I was able to work my way up to 2nd by lap 28 of the 35 lap feature. A poor restart on my part after a lap 32 caution caused me to fall back to 4th. While pushing my Ford to the limit, I spun coming out of turn 2 on lap 32. I managed to spin the car around 360 degrees and no caution was thrown. The downside was I only had 3 laps left to try to catch the pack and just wasn't able to make it happen.
11/02/13 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC Allison Legacy wrecked I qualified 3rd for this last race of the season. However, the race did not go very well. I fell back to 5th on the 3rd lap. After a lap 30 caution and restart, I got together with another car and spun coming out of turn 2. Another car hit mine and I broke a tie rod. I missed the next 5 laps, but with a mandatory pit stop on lap 35, I was able to get the tie rod replaced (with the generous help of Tom and a few others in the pits) and was back in for the last 15 laps. Needless to say, being 5 laps down, I finished 12th.
11/02/13 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC Allison Legacy 1st

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