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UserName: aceracergofast84

Real Name: David Garland

Hometown: Irving, TX

Tracks Where I Race: IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Series of Texas & UTV Side by Side Racing

Non-Racing Hobbies: Adobe Photoshop & Video Editing


Classes I've Raced: Off Road Buggies, Sand Drags, Texas Mile, Nassa Road Racing, SST Sprint Cars

Classes I Currently Race: IMCA Sprint Series of Texas & UTV Side by Side Racing

My Personal Website:

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Up in the air

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2011 My first race of the year was in a 2005 Mustang GT in a American Iron Series in NASA Texas @ Motor Sports Ranch in Houston, I set the pole in the Blue Fire Racing Mustang GT on Saturday 1st Race, DNF from a newbie moment were I took out two wheels in one shot...2nd Race, I had to put rain tire on for a dry race, placed 3rd. Sunday the Rain came I also set the pole Sunday morning, 3rd Race I WON, 4th Race, was a inverted start, Placed 2nd ,,what a weekend out on a Track I never drove at before in the heaviest car I had ever drove in a race,,

Thanks to Blue Fire Racing,, Snap-On, DFW Charity, NASA Texas and Crew Woods Transsmision


Hello every one just had my second inteview of 2010, I would have to thank Scott here on doors just keep opening up after my first live pod cast with Scott and Happy Hour at the Track Radio and here is link below on my second interview



I have loved cars all my life. I started working on VW bugs at the age of 10.  One of my 1st jobs was working at a VW shop taking apart cars.  The owner told me to rebuild a air cooled motor one day & it was the best feeling ever to hear something I had built, come to life.  I was hooked.... I learned how to drive by playing in the dune buggies and off road racing with Murl Lambert at age 12. Ive even raced  100 yard Sand Drags and Off Road at Texas off Road Racing Organization (TORRO).  I started working at a VW shop 24 years ago and today I work at the local VW dealership for the past 15 years.

My 1st season driving a Sprint Car, Geoffrey and I were advised by Billy Young the owner. Many  thanks to Billy Young Motor Sports #21 for the ride in 2008 he gave me my 1st ride in a sprint car and I will never forget it in my lifetime.  

Last season 2009 I started driving for a new owner Bob Stretch who owns Wheels America (  
Thanks Bob for believing in me to build and set up and drive the Wheels America Sprint car. My last race of the season was my best finish yet.

My Moto is I will Drive Anything Anytime Anywhere.....

Looking for more Help with the Wheels America #84 with Fuel and Tires for the 2014 Sprint Series of Texas will have the chance to run around 24 races this year.

Contact info

I have a new gig for next year along with the Sprint Series of Texas Tour & NASA Road Racing with Blue Fire Racing in there 2005 Mustang GT in AI series (American Iron)

Also listin to my interview with on a Pod Cast Thank You Scott

Primary Ride

Wheels America Sprint Car #84

UTV Side by Side Off Road Racing #84 in a Can Am Commander 1000X

Thanks to all my Sponsor for what you do to keep us Racing.....

Xtreme Powder Coating

Brian Reynolds Snap-On Tools

Friends and Fammily

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01/01/14 Sprint Series of Texas 4th over all in points Had a good year in the wheels America #84 for the 2013 season. Placed 4th in points in the Sprint Series of Texas Racesaver Sprint Car...Thanks to all who help keep us racing.
01/25/14 North 40 Sportsman UTV #84 4th The first UTV short Course of the year with Off-Road Short Course Nationals at North 40 MX track. There was 24 UTV in the Sportsman class.
03/28/14 Sprint Series of Texas Rain Out
04/11/14 Sprint Series of Texas PLaced 18th Thank you for all you do, Wheels America for years of help. Xtrime Powder Coating Brian with Snap-On, Keith with Five Star Ford,
04/26/14 Sprint Series of Texas Place 6th in B-Main Just not are start to the year. Placed 6th in B-Main, No transferred to A-Main Thank You for all your help. Wheels America, Brian with Snap-On, Keith with Five Star Ford, Derick with Xtrime Powder Coat
05/10/14 Sprint Seriers of Texas 14th Still off the Pace this Year, Turn around is around the corner I know it :)
05/23/14 Sprint Series of Texas DNF Track prep fast and tacky started 6th in heat race placed 4th. A-Main started 1st and feel back to 5th with the Wheels America #84 miss the setup track still very fast. I had a big push so just started throwing her into the corner and jumped the cushion around lap 18 of a 30 lap A-Main race,so I took a ride. She all most back together for the next race @ Southern Oklahoma Speedway in Ardmore, Oklahoma 2789 S. Hwy 77 73401 , Thank you for keeping us racing goes to: Bob @ Wheels America, Brian @ Snap-On, Keith @ Five Star Ford, Derk @ Xtreme Powder Coating, Family & Friends
06/07/14 Sprint Series of Texas 16th Last night race report from Southern Oklahoma Speedway with Sprint Series of Texas in the Wheels America #84. Hot laps car felt good. Hot Laps was a blast took a sec to get her up to speed put her to the high side and went to the led and check out. Then the yellow came out. regroup and now the slide job's for two corners from the Bones, I turn back under gave it right back what a blast finished up 2nd, with rain very close you could feel some rain drops every so often. The track rain the show nice and fast, A-Main got the dreaded pole as you know I don't like that spot, I just pulled the face shield down and member what Renee said chase that last car like it was the first car, So her we go green green and we took off.. well for 15 laps and you guessed it Yellow he we go re stake :( Restart got passed I tried to turn down the track from the top and just lost it. O So Close I could Taste It. On a good note we loaded up all in one peace placed 16th and got my Mo Jo back in the car we, just a bit more set time. I want to Thank Bob @ Wheels America, Brian @ Snap-On, Keith @ Five Star Ford, Derek @ Xtreme Powder Coating, Family & Friends
06/21/14 Sprint Series of Texas Rain Out :(
07/18/14 Sprint Series of Texas Rain Out
08/01/14 Sprint Series of Texas 3rd The Wheels America #84 had a awesome run @ Boyd Raceway with the sprint Series of Texas Friday night, Started 4th in heat race placed 1st started 4th in A-Main led for most of the race I just slipped up a bit diving for the bottom in turn 3 and Danny & Jason slide under me. There was a late 3 lap to go caution and I gave it one last drive around the middle when the green dropped. I pulled up to 2nd and just did not have a enough bit off the last corner. Thanks Wheels America, Xtreme Powder Coating, Sam Pack 5 Star Ford, Snap-On,, SST & Crew Family and Friends for keeping us racing.
09/14/14 Crate Late Models Heat 2nd Was first time in a big car aka Crate Late Model started last in heat placed 2nd, A-Main started 3rd work way up to first for a lap placed 2nd first time in a big car. thanks to the Armstrong family for the opportunity.
09/26/14 Sprint Series of Texas 6th in heat Motor was flat in heat race, seen oil from breathers. I chosen not to run A-Mian. motor done
09/28/14 Crate Late Models 2nd & 2nd Got the opportunity to drive a crate late model, thanks to the Armstrong family. Placed 2nd heat and in the A-Main placed 2nd second time every in a Big Car
10/04/14 Sprint Series of Texas 5th Heat, 11th A-Main What a week heck I mean month I want to thank Sebie Davis and Jason Howell for the opportunity to run their awesome motor last night, (Motor is a Beast) I think I was more worried about it than racing. I started 6th in heat race it was a scramble at the start seen a car to the right of me get huge air (Rodney) #67 so went down the track in the slime and went back a few spots, Had to get to 5th to transfer into the A-Main had one heck of a battle with Danny Merrel for the last transfer spot, placed 5th. We started the A-main 10th kinda missed the setup but it was drivable tired the top just a bit to long and went backwards, a caution came out so I tried the old catfish on the bottom and made up some ground. We placed 11th and loaded up on trailer all in one peace, after watching the video looks like would could have went up on the gear a few more notches & tighten her up some. Thanks to all my friends and family sponsor's for the help, Wheels America, Sam Pack Ford Lewisville, RolArt, Brian at Snap-On, Xtreme Powder Coating Smiley and Crew for all there hard work for the last 10 years to make sprint car racing alive for us little guys like me. Congrats to #4 Jerry & Mitsy Johnson Hammock #67 Bones aka Rodney Henderson #41 Auap Parts aka Danny Merrel #44 Batman aka Jason Howell and to Dustin Woods for letting me throw a camera on his car at the last min.…
10/25/14 Sprint Series of Texas 5th Heat 1st A-Main Wow what a week before the last race of the year, just plan hard work, Show up to race track in Waco on 10-25-2014 with #84 Sprint Series of Texas Wheels America sprint. Unloaded and went out for Hot laps car wont run, Thanks to Jason Howell and Danny Mureil for the last second help to help me get the motor to run, Heat race we go out motor still a bit off but car wont turn, I have to throw her in the corner and just felt like she wont pick up the Rev's, placed 5th, Ya made the A-Main back to work on the Wheels America #84. went out for the A-Main and started 4 row inside and start to go forward had a blast racing Kenny Elwood #21 for a few laps wheel to wheel, a few laps later were are in a nice race with Trevor Reed in the #28 and it was a race wheel to wheel for the last few laps, on the very last lap we swap the led 3 times and we pulled of the Win by a wheel, awesome race with Smileys and Sprint Series of Texas for the last race in 2014 Finishing order #84 Garland #28 Reed #00 Woods #4 Hammock #41 Howell This was a very special race being the last of the year at a track I love to run on, Also Smiley passing the led over to Kevin Rodgers for 2015 Thanks to Wheels America, Xtreme Powder Coating, Sam Pack 5 Star Ford, Snap-On,, Also want to give a big shout out to my new Facebook Friend Sebie Davis for letting me use his motor for the the last 2 races of the year & SST & Crew Family and Friends for keeping us racing.

None listed at this time.

2014 is starting off nice in the new UTV Side by Side off road racing class..4th over all out of 24 UTV

2013 Sprint Series of Texas 4th in points in the #84 Wheels America Racesaver Sprint

2012 Did not Race due to a Motor Bike Accident

2011 First Race NASA Texas American Iron race 3 Win

2010 SST Two Top 5

2009 are best year in the Wheel Amercia Sprint Car mist 2 A-main out of 18 with 3 Top 5

My first Flip in a none wing race event took us out,for the Friday show.

Copy past link to see photos or to oder from Rudy Garcia

 Sprint Series of Texas 2008

Last race of the year I drove #16 in the Top 18 race,