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UserName: BrycetheBolt

Real Name: Bryce Napier

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Tracks Where I Race: Madera, Stockton, Roseville, Shasta

Non-Racing Hobbies: Boxing, ride bikes, Quads, Oakland Raiders


Classes I've Raced: Quarter Midgets Jr Honda, Quarter Midgets Jr Stock, Minicup Cars

Classes I Currently Race: NASCAR Whelen All American Series Western Late Model

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With my spotter and Coach Eric Holmes

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I have been racing since I was 5 years old.  I started out in our driveway and parking lots in a Baby Kart Go Kart... I moved into Quarter Midgets at 6.  I Raced at Baylands Quarter Midgets Club in San Jose, CA.  As well as at Tri-Valley Quarter Midgets Club in Livermore, Good Times Quarter Midgets, Madera, CA.   American Quarter Midgets and Capitol Dirt Shootout tracks both in Sacramento.   I started in Jr Novice my first year, and was awarded  Baylands Quarter Midgets 2007 Sportsman of the Year Award. I then moved up to competitive racing at 8.  I was awarded Baylands' 2008 JR Rookie of the Year Award.  In my Rookie Season, I also won 3 Championships: 2008 Bayland's JR Honda Champion,  2008 Bayland's JR Stock Champion, and the 2008 Bay-Valley JR Stock Championship.    I hold track records at many tracks throughout California.   In 2007 I finished 2nd In Junior Novice at the Western Grand Nationals.   In 2008 I competed at the Western Grand Nationals and finised in the top 8 out of hundreds of competitors!  (Unfortunately, my engine broke in the last few laps of that final A Main event or I would have won!)  I raced Quarter Midgets in 2009, in SR Honda and SR Stock & Light 160. 

For 5 seasons, I was the driver of the #03 Mini Cup Race Car.   I moved into Mini Cups at age 9 I raced at 4 tracks,  Madera, Roseville and Stockton 99, and Shasta Speedways.   Itiwas awesome driving a Mini Cup.  I got up to 70 MPH, and am out on the big 1/2 mile tracks!  We were the opening series for the Nascar Whelen Stock car series and it is just like being in Nascar!  

In 2011 I won the Stockton 99 speedway Championship and took 2nd in the WSRA racing series.  I lead the points all season in the WSRA division but on the last race of the season, on a double points event, I had a major mechanical failure and lost my Championship!  That was a very hard loss and definitely makes the saying "That's Racing!"  so true.  

I earned the  the Stockton 99 Speedway 2011 and 2012 Champion in Mini Cups and also the California Minicup Series Combined Champion.  I also clinched the All American Speedway Championship for 2012.

I retired from Mini Cups at the end of 2012.



Primary Ride

 I am now the proud owner of the #88Support Military.Org NASCAR Whelen All American Series,  Western Late Model race car!  I  raced this car in 2014 at Stockton 99 Speedway and at All American Speedway in Roseville, CA and at Madera Speedway.   I am so excited to enter into this new racing series.  I will be part of the Support Military Foundation, Charitable organization.  I am proud to be involved with this Foundation that is focused on connecting a grateful nation to verified charities that support our Military veterans and their families.

We want to draw attention to the sacrifices made by our Veterans, our Active Duty Military and their families who so generously give their loved ones to our nation to serve.  

We are also working to fundraise for Wreaths Across America, operation Cover Arlington.  We want to have a wreath laid on every gravesite for every Hero in our cemeteries throughout our nation.

I am excited to welcome my sponsors  Harry's Auto Repair,  NP Automotive,  West Coast Construction,  ASAP Appliance Service, Hutchison Racing Engines,

We are always looking for more sponsors so please feel free to contact me to get involved.

I promise I won't disapoint you!





Backup Ride(s)

Quarter Midgets, SR Honda, SR Stock, Light 160, Light Mod and World Formula.

Scaled Late Model, Baby Grand


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Scotts Valley Mini Cup racer Bryce Napier received the championship trophy Monday, Nov. 28, for winning the 2011 Stockton 99 Mini Cup championships at the Stockton 99 Speedway on Sept. 11.

Napier accepted the trophy at the Jackson Rancheria hotel in Jackson.

The 12-year-old – who attends Scotts Valley Middle School – found himself with a two-point lead over Lodi’s Jackson Ezell going into the final race of the season.

After 19 grueling races held across the state, Napier took wrapped up his championship by winning the Stockton competition.

The mini cup series is run in a scaled-down version of a Nascar race car. The cars boast a mere 18 horsepower, and the driver sits in the center of the car, which Napier says makes the walls a lot harder to feel.

“You are pretty much driving blind out there,” Napier said. “I rely on my dad in the booth to let me know where everyone is over the radio.”

Napier ran two different circuits at the beginning of the season, both the quarter-midgets and the mini-cup series races. After five years of racing, he has accumulated a number of accolades in both categories, and recently signed with a new sponsor, the racing company Nitro Fish, owned by Kenny Koretsky.

“Nitro Fish has been a huge help,” said Laurie Napier, the young racer’s mother. “There is very little money in racing these ages, but we have been very blessed by Kenny Koretsky, who has really pulled out all the stops to get us some of the stuff we have needed.”

And, after five years of racing, Napier is reeling in his first paychecks.

“I wasn’t allowed to make any money racing until I got to the mini cup series,” Napier said. “One of the fun things about mini cup is that I got $25 for each race I won and $50 for winning the final race.”

Napier must spend one more year in the mini cup series before moving up to the next series, which features vehicles that are two-thirds the size of Nascar race cars.

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Article below is from Racing West:


The Mini Cups put on their final Points Race of the year. Lodi’s twelve year-old driver, Jackson Ezell (15), would win the race, his second of the Season, but Scotts Valley’s Bryce Napier would take home the 2011 Crown by a tiny two points over Ezell.


As luck would have it, the Points Battle in this Division would pit Bryce Napier (03) and Jackson Ezell (15) up front and ready to put this one in the books. Coming off turn four to the green, Napier got to the gas a quarter-inch sooner than Ezell and beat him down into turn one. However, coming back around to lap 2, Ezell returned the favor that had been bestowed upon him a lap earlier and took the lead between turns one and two, which is a great feat in itself. The two battled ferociously over that top property for the next nine laps with the #15 car owning it and the #03 car wanting to evict him and claim it for his own. Unfortunately, on lap 11, the two made contact going into one, which sent both cars off on a tangent and brought with them the first yellow of the night. On the restart, the #22 of Hunter Franklin jumped out to enjoy the lead over the next four circuits, but on lap 15, Ezell wrestled it away and Franklin had no choice but to submit to the pure power of Ezell. Once out in the fresh air, Ezell would take it to the checkers for the extremely close Victory, his second this year. Franklin would have to hold off a strong charge by Napier, which he did very convincingly, as he drove it onto the podium in a very strong second. Napier, of course, would have to settle for third, but most assuredly, it was a happy third, because it brought him the lion’s share of this Season’s spoils in winning the 2011 Championship. Congratulations to Bryce Napier for an incredible year!

(What wasn't known to anyone regarding this article and this race was that Bryce only needed to finish 3rd to win the Championship, so when the yellow came out and he was sent to the back for the restart, Bryce decided to play it smart and drive safe and secure his crown rather than taking a chance on another spinout.  Ezell was so determined to clinch the victory that night, that Bryce knew the battle between them for the lead would have been too intense to risk it.  Ezell was a superior opponent all season and it was a Great Series at Stockton 99 Speedway for all the racers!)