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Hometown: Torrington, CT

Favorite Local Track: Fonda and Lebanon

Hobbies: horse backriding and helping franky with racecar

Favorite Local Racer: Franky Twing

Favorite Professional Racer: Dale Jr

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… I met my boyfriend.

I Love Racing Because… my boyfriend loves it and i love to help him with his car whether getting it ready or at track.

The best race I have ever been to was… my boyfriends wins and when i saw him for the first time at fonda racing.

The worst crash I’ve ever seen in person was… his dad wrecked at fonda one night coming out of turn two and hit the wall.

My biggest ‘racing memory’ is… being able to actually get his gear ready other than standing around

Im 18 years old. Love to horse back ride. My boyfriend Franky Twing has a dirt pro stock #10. I love to watch him race at fonda and lebanon but i personally think he does a lot better at fonda.

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