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Hometown: Saint Petesburg, FL

Favorite Local Track: Sunshine Speedway

Occupation: Artist

Hobbies: Driving anything with wheels

Favorite Local Racer: John Wilson

Favorite Professional Racer: Kyle Busch

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I’ve Been A Racing Fan Ever Since… 1958

I Love Racing Because… My father started taking me to the local race tracks when I was just 8 yrs old. I remember loving the smell of the exotic racing fuels coming off the engines of those old Modifieds and Sportsmen. My father and I both drove stock cars in the 1970's.

The best race I have ever been to was… 2001 Dayton was a thrilling race but also a very sad one because we lost Dale. I was also the last race my father and I attended together before he passed away.

The worst crash I’ve ever seen in person was… The fatal crash of "Wild Bill" Laramier at Sunshine Speedway.

My biggest ‘racing memory’ is… Watching my father drive his first stock car race at 46 yrs of age, without so much as a practice lap,in a race car he had built himself.

I drove my last stock car in 2001 on a third mile clay track, the only time I've ever driven on any surface other than asphalt or concrete, in a borrowed race car...I was 53 at the time.  Today I drive a 2003 Subaru WRX Limited Edition which I bought new. I started modifying it a little over a year ago, mostly small stuff until this month when I made the jump up to a GT3071R Garrett with a custom built front mount intercooler, 3 inch downpipe and a Borla catback exhaust system, 60mm up pipe, VAIL blowoff valve and a 3 inch intake...all beautifully fabricated for me by LHT performance. I added a TWM short throw shifter, an alluminum front pulley and a carbon fiber driveshaft as well as moving up to 18 x 8.5 inch tires. Also, though it didn't make it any faster, I also sprung for a new black leather interior with yellow thread to match the paint as well as having the rotors and calipers painted with aircraft, heat restitant paint that also matched the yellow paint job. I really thought I could stop there but I now realize I've only begun. Pretty soon I'll be changing over to a 2.5 liter with a STI 6 speed kit complete with cluch, flywheel, positraction and STI brakes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be back on the track once again..although this time more to play than to actually compete.  I guess it's hard to teach us old dogs new tricks. *smile*

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