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The Grass Roots of Racing, Strong and Getting Stronger in 2014: The Results of the 2014 Race Fan Survey


The grass roots of racing are strong, and appear to be getting stronger, as Mother Nature slowly releases her long winter grip on race tracks across the nation!  The results of’s 2014 Race Fan Survey paint a brightly detailed picture of the growth in store for the grass roots of racing in 2014.  This will be a year when people, affectionately referred to by as ‘Fans of Fast’, will be seeking out more great racing at venues across the United States than they did in 2013.  With the 2014 Race Fan Survey distributed via, via email, and through social media, the survey respondents numbered three times that of the 2013 survey and the results are exciting for all involved in motorsports.

Track Attendance Aiming for Continued Increases over 2013 is proud to report that 90% of respondents indicated that they’re looking forward to watching as much or more racing at race tracks in 2014 than they did in 2013.  This is a continuation of an upward trend where 75% of these same people also indicated that they had gone to as much, if not more racing in 2013 than they did in 2012.  These increases in how much race fans attend local race tracks come as no surprise to where annual traffic increases have averaged double digits for the last 4 years.  In addition, site traffic to is also up more than 40% over last year since the 2014 Daytona 500 less than 6 weeks ago.

All Types of Tracks Are Getting Greater Interest

When it comes to the types of race tracks that Fans of Fast are looking to attend MORE in 2014 than in 2013, the clear winners are local dirt tracks with local asphalt tracks also looking to garner significantlyl more attendance from race fans.  In regards to the 3 highest levels of nationally sanctioned NASCAR racing, just over 25% of race fans indicate that they’ll attend those more in 2014 than in 2013.  Drag racing will get a good amount of increased attention as well as nearly 20% of race fans indicated interest in attending more local or nationally sanctioned (IHRA or NHRA) drag racing events in 2014 than they did in 2013. 

Tracks Benefit From Frequent Attendance at Multiple Tracks

In reviewing exactly where Fans of Fast enjoy great racing, it’s great news for race tracks everywhere that race fans don’t confine their excitement to just one track, exclusively.  Indeed a vast majority of race fans who responded to this year's survey indicated they go to more than 3 different tracks every year with a large percentage of race fans spending significantly more than 10 nights a year at local race tracks enjoying racing.

Getting Race Fans to Race Tracks... It's What We Do!

As race tracks across the nation continue to awake from their winter slumbers, will continue to grow as the most socially engaged resource where any race fan can connect with over 1,400 race tracks.  In addition, continues to be a place where any racer can promote themselves as well, with more than 2,800 racers already adding their listings in their directory of ‘Any Racer, Anywhere’.

“ started more than 5 years ago out of the basic realization of just how many race tracks exist in the United States,” said Scott Kosak, the Founder of  “My earliest memories of racing come from wandering the stands of Stafford Motor Speedway when I was 9 or 10 years old, while my father worked the pit gate,” continued Kosak, “ is committed to finding more ways to connect more fans with great racing so that even more great memories can be created for both current and future generations of Fans of Fast as well.”

The FREE Service Provide by to Promoters

In it’s current form, super serves not just Fans of Fast, but the promoters who look for as many possible ways to invite more race fans to the tracks they promote.  While's Race Track Directory includes the most basic information for more than 1,400 race tracks, it’s also a 100% FREE tool for the promoters of the tracks who are free to ‘activate’ their track profiles so that they can post complete track information, pictures, and race schedules. then regularly redistributes weekly race information through it’s social following of over 34,000 fans.  With the ‘Upcoming Race Dates’ rating as the 2nd most viewed at, more and more tracks are adding their race dates every week, resulting in more and more views of their individual track profile pages. 

About is the only socially engaged racing themed website that connects every race fan with more than 1,400 race tracks across the United States and potentially with any racer, anywhere as well.  Tracks are not just listed, but also plotted out on State Track Maps with custom icons based on track shape and racing surface. also regularly updates more than 34,000 Facebook fans with local racing dates posted by local race tracks and information about more than 2,800 racers who have added their name to our FREE DIRECTORY of any racer, anywhere.  As a rapidly growing online portal for motorsports information, also provides opportunities for sponsor integration into over 1,000,000 annual interactions with Fans of Fast via display advertisements, interactive promotional campaigns and direct email marketing alongside targeted content.

For more detailed results of the 2014 Race Fan Survey or for other general information about or associated sponsorship opportunities, contact Scott Kosak at by calling 630-387-9177 or by clicking here.