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An Open Letter to Race Track Promoters and Marketers: The Survival of Racing is IN YOUR HANDS! Options · View
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:10:53 PM

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Greetings Race Track Promoters and Marketers,

You may not believe it, but I KNOW that more people than you think are looking for racing to enjoy because this year more than 600,000 DIFFERENT RACE FANS will look for race tracks through the RacingIn.com Track Directory! MOST OF THEM have no clue where race tracks are located within 50 or 100 miles of their own house so they are using the RacingIn.com Track Maps to find them!

If you choose to be a promoter, then that's AWESOME.. .and THANK YOU for your passion! This letter is simply to remind all of you that the survival of racing at all levels is up to YOU! YOUR TRACK, YOUR FANS, and YOUR RACERS are depending on YOU to make it work!

That's why RacingIn.com is here to help!

Racing is a competitive industry, both on the track and off. Every track is competing with every other track to attract more fans. If you are a track promoter than how many of those fans your track attracts is totally up to you... and again, THAT IS WHERE RacingIn.com can help.

Here are 6 simple ways that RacingIn.com can help your track stand out with absolutely no obligation to you beyond spending maybe 30 minutes of your time to gain a full years worth of promotion for your race dates!

1) It's FREE... RacingIn.com has served up free promotional exposure to over 1,400 race tracks for the past 5 years and there are no fees associated.

2) It's HUGE... In 2012, 480,000 Race Fans used the RacingIn.com Track Directory and in 2013, we're on track for 600,000 to use it. Considering that most really are LOOKING for a place to see racing, how much information about your track do you want them to have at their fingertips?

3) It's PERSONALIZED... For all tracks in our directory, RacingIn.com provides the basics... length, surface, location, and weblink if we could find it. When YOU take control of your track profile you can add phone numbers, email addresses, forum board links, class lists, and so much more. For a comparison of an 'Activated' profile and a 'Non-Activated' profile, CLICK HERE and then CLICK HERE. Scroll all the way down the Activated profile and the difference is pretty obvious.

4) It's INFORMATIVE... By activating your track profile, you get to post your track's race dates so that they are visible on THIS PAGE. As of this weekend, (6/29/13), this is now the 2nd MOST VIEWED PAGE at RacingIn.com.

5) It's SOCIAL... As you can see at our Facebook Page, we regularly promote tracks, race dates, and racers to 24,000 fans (Editor Note: Now Nearly 45,00)).

6) It's EASY... Once you find your race track in the RacingIn.com Track Directory and we validate that you are a marketer or promoter, it literally will take you less than 30 minutes to get your profile fully updated including all your race dates and track contact information.

THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ANY RACE TRACK MARKETER OR PROMOTER: RacingIn.com is a 100% FREE promotional tool that puts MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR TRACK AND HOW TO CONNECT WITH IT in front of thousands of fans every week and tens of thousands of race fans every month. These are race fans who are actively looking for places to enjoy racing and if you want them to consider your track, then go for it!

GETTING STARTED... Taking advantage of RacingIn.com and activating your profile is simple... just follow these simple steps:

1) Find your track in the Track Directory... if it's not there, let us know and we'll add it!
2) Find the 'TAKE CONTROL' link under 'Seating Capacity' and click on it

In less than 1 minutes you will have a profile established. Once we validate that you truly are a marketer or promoter for that track, we'll confirm your registration, link the profile to your track and you'll be off and running.

Got questions? Go ahead and shoot 'em my way via our Contact Form... those questions will come directly to me and I'll usually respond within a day or two.

Don't want to take advantage of the FREE promotion? Not sure I understand why you wouldn't, but I'd love to at least hear your reasoning so go ahead and use that same Contact Form to tell me why RacingIn.com just isn't your cup of tea.

Regardless of your choice... best wishes for great and safe racing!

Scott Kosak, Founder of RacingIn.com
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:10:53 PM

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