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UserName: maule99

Real Name: Rob Maule

Hometown: Hebron, IL

Tracks Where I Race: Wilmot Raceway

Non-Racing Hobbies: Hanging out with my family


Classes I've Raced: 4cyl., Late Model, Street Stock

Classes I Currently Race: Street Stock

My Personal Website:

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I am a second generation driver, I started out racing a 4 door Geo Metro on the asphalt at Wisconsin's bussiest race track, The Lake Geneva Raceway. I did that for a couple of years and then graduated to the Late Model division for another couple of years till the track was shut down. I took a few years off then put together a 4 cyl. for a few nights at Wilmot Raceway, and then progressed in to the Street Stock division that I currently run. I build my own cars and arguably have the best crew and sponsors around. My wife is truly my biggest fan, supporter, and helper. I find it hard to believe all the sacrafices she makes so I can chase a stupid dream.


Primary Ride


2010 DirtKnife. Cutting Clay Since 2008!!!

Five Star 88 Monte Carlo Body

Tiry Race Engines 360 cid Chevy

Manual 4 speed trans.

Ford 9inch rearend.


Backup Ride(s)


Antioch Veteran's Cab - Antioch, Ill.

Brooke's Financial Services - Hebron, Il

Bumper to Bumper - Paddock Lake, Wi.

Five Star Racecar Bodies - Twin Lakes, Wi. - Serving Northern Ill. & Southern Wi.

Ostergaard Trucking - Wildwood, Ill.

Outlaw Race Parts


Tiry's Race Engines and Components

Triple Transit Ltd. - Richmond Ill.

The Welding Shop - Delevan Wi.

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Well, started off 2012 where we left off in 2011 Won the opener at Wilmot on Cinco de Mayo, came from the back for a 2nd place finish on the second night with a battered racecar. Took it home with 2 cut tires, 2 destroyed rims and a bent axle in 18th place the 3rd night, but came back strong to win the 4th night out from mid pack. I can't say enough about this car, it's the perfect blend of handling and horsepower. It is the perfect complement to my driving style.

2011 has been my most successful race season to date, I owe a large part of this to my wife her commitment and support is unbelieveable. My sponsors, these people probably have a hundred better things to spend money on, but they choose to use it to helpme do something I love! The final part of the equation can't even sport a price tag, and that's the experience of my mentor and good friend Chuck Ostergaard. His best piece of advice.....LEAVE IT ALONE! But seriously, at 69years old he takes me under his wing, helps me find sponsors, dives in and helps me build the car, and teaches me some real basic fundamentals of dirt racing. Fundamentals that have me winning all but one heat race this year, two features and being a top contender for the track championship. All the while being the lead wrench on his son, Jason Hyerdall's modified.

Pat Rossman, current points leader has been dangerously consistant. He is the first person in history to make Baby Powder Pink, intimidating. An agressive yet clean driver, I would be ok losing the Championship to him(but lets hope that doesn't happen) Through conversation after the races one night Pat, infront of his wife, gave me his word that if I miss a night for being in the hospital watching my child be born, that he too would take a night off, because he refused to win a championship because some guy wanted to see his baby's birth. "Some things in life you just can't miss" he commented. I think this was one of the most stand up things I have ever heard, and for that I fully respect, and wish good luck to Pat Rossman!

Luckily for both of us Mackenzie came on a non-race weekend.

My wife, the crap she puts up with so I can race. As a kid at the track I would hear a guy thank his wife in his victory speech, and I would think, BULLSHIT like she has anything to do with it. Now I know racers wives eat a lot of crow waiting around for us to have enough time for them. Mine looks at the positive side and says "atleast your not pissing our money awat at the bar" Brooke is really the only person I can count on being there to help me, crew guys have come and gone, been late or not there at all, broke parts and broke promises, and when they are nowhere to be found, there she is. She helps me alot with everything, mowing the lawn, getting the car ready, getting loaded up and locked down, keeping the garage clean, writing the checks, and putting up with me being a tired, hot, sweaty, crab ass, and would love to be able to repay her someday. I love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know baby.